December is here!

Here are our Team from Hope Chapel Lewiston! Jeph, Sean, Savanah, James and Jason! We are so appreciative of their Love, Laughter and help! We had such a blessed 9 days with them!

We had so much fun with wigs and all the great gifts the team brought us!

James was a natural! The help that was done on the inside of the house with the children was great!

Savanah, was amazing with the children too!

This was the day they tried Ugali and Sucuma! They were surprised they liked it better than exspected!

One project the team Helped with was completing both sides of facia!

So much was accomplished while the team was here! While Horace and Jeph & Sean were working here on closing in the gables, others were working on the roof of the other house and several more projects were completed! Thank you Lewiston Team! Your help saved Horace weeks of work!

These are parents and students out in the front of the small rural school we have become friends with!

The benches you see were very much appreciated, Dad Horace made them so that the children in the school would not have to do their studies sitting on the dirt floor!

Here The team with Horace and our girls, got to be part of the schools closing day!

I was so blessed that the team got to celebrate Mom Phyllis' Birthday! It was a great day and we had Chinees for Dinner!

Here is our Dad with all the tools the team brought him! He was so happy and work goes so much faster because of these tools!

God has so blessed us here at Tumaini Children's Center with great fiends and family that come and put their hands to the work He is doing here in Kenya! We pray that you our blog family are all blessed for the prayers and support you give in everyway! May God return it 100 fold! Love the Leister Family here in Kenya


Jessica said…
So you have "fiends" and family, huh? Kind of scary. Dad definitely looked happy with his tools. Could you send Dad home? I miss him and you, of course, but there are just times when I really miss my dad.

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