Home for Tumaini Children Project Update

Prayfully the new Home for our Tumaini Family

We are imagining and praying that we will soon have enough monies donated for a good down on this piece of property for our new home.

 We are negotiating with the owner and walking though all the legal steps. Which is a big deal here in Kenya because of all the things that may seem right that are not.
 We have now accomplished the property's Value Report ( Apprasal ) and building inspection ( so that we can continue building on the existing buildings ).  The blue prints on these buildings were stamped when the buildings were started so we needed to have them oked and stamped again too, done!
 Now we are needing a enviromental Impact Statement redone and see if we need to rezone to have a Children's home in the area.

As we said lots of work to just get to the offer stage but God has met us at every step and we are praying that all will progress as He has planned.

We have taken all the children in groups to see the new house and property and they are very excited.  These two buildigns will accomidate us with a area for boys and a seperate area for our girls too!  They will each have two toilets and showers for each 3 bedrooms,  Mom is very excited about this because everyone is growing and where we now live we only have 2 showers that we take turns boys and then girls.

The area outside will be big enough for plenty of running and playing plus small animals and crops so that we can feed ourselves as well as maybe produce extra to sell. Which has always been our dream to sustain our selves in some way.

Please, if you have not already considered and acted on helping with this project please do!  You can vist either our www.tchkeny.com website or our new www.familykeysint.com website for more information about our family missions vision or Tumaini Children's Home.  Please send all support and donations towards the New Home for our Tumaini Children Project to :

Family Keys International P.O. Box 378 Clarkston WA  99403 or for wires contact our Board treasure Alan Coons at coonsfam6@msn.com.

When sending checks please write out to Family keys Interntional and place a note on it where you want the money to go ie New Home Project.

Thank you so much for all your love and support of this vision for lives touched and changed by the love of God through the Hearts and hands of His people!

Horace, Phyllis, Dannon and all here at Tumaini


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