Not Kenyan Life yet,but soon!


It has taken me awhile to get this on, thanks to our daughter Jess and her computer skills, we are here! We hope that this will be a easy way for us to keep everyone who is interested, up to date on how things are progressing for our trip to Kenya and then how we are doing after we get there. Also, we can hear back from all of you. Which we are really looking forward to.

So, Horace is three weeks out now. He leaves on the 5th of Sept. The rest of us will leave 3 weeks after that on the 26th. At the beginning of the Month Horace built us a 5 X 8 ft. wall calendar to keep us aware of how our time was speeding by. Each morning we check out the do's for the day and what needs to be gathered. We have our suitcases lined up in our livingroom waiting to be packed with all the nessesities that we are gathering. We are in hopes that the space will accomodate the needs. There is a growing amount of space for this as we sell all our household goods trying to down size as much as possible. The kids are really getting the picture now that we are going and that Horace will be leaving before us. They need prayer, so do I. We are very excited but you can imagine this is quite a step. We would love to see all of you before Horace leaves, so Aug. the 27th Monday Night World Prayer will be a time to come and pray and give a few hugs, we hope you will come. It is at the Healing Rooms Worship Center at 6:30, See you there! In God's Love Horace, Phyllis & Family

P.S. We have a line on a house that would accomodate us and those who might come to help, pray that we can hook up with the contact people promptly. Also, pray that those looking for us a good used vehicle will be found and made available by the time that Horace gets there.


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