This is the site for the new orchard! It will be so great to have all the fruit we can eat! It will take abit of time for the trees to grow but thingsg grow fast around here.

Here are the trees out at Jua Kali, they are getting tall and it looks so wonderful out there!

We now have 4 rocking chairs in the house, they are a favorite place to sit with Dad!

This is the water we have around because of the rain!

This is the rain we get this time of year, that is why the roads are so bad!

This is the road ( I call it ) but they call it a city street out in front of our gate.

This is the road outside our gate, the men took all the building debree and helped improve the condition of the road with it.

The depree that was cleared to fill the road made the yard free for play! The Children are enjoying it, when it is not raining!

We never run out the need to be stiring up abit of cememt! Peter, Francis & Malichi

Here is our new helper at Tumaini! This is Malichi, from Colorado USA he will be interning with us for 2 months. Horace is enjoying his help with the house and the children just love him. I am sure you will hear more about Malichi on the girl's next blog!

Well here it is the step we have all been waiting for! The tiling has began! This is the little girls bath. It will be finished today and then on with the rest. It will take about 3 weeks to finish the whole house. All the floors are tile, all baths and kitchen!


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