Hi Loved ones,

How can I express to you how dear you are to this family, those here and Horace in Africa. Your prayers and support are appriciated beyound expression. I am thinking that God had me ( Phyllis ) stay here in the states while Horace went so I could experience some of the trial of being left at home. Now I know how important the prayer is for everyone here. It has been difficult, to say the least. We have battled on serveral different fields, but God is good all the time. The kids and I are well again, thank you Jesus! Today our flights got changed because of problems in Kenya so we are flying out the 27th at 6:00 in the morning. Pray for flight mercies! Packing our life in a few suitcases is hilarious! We pack, rethink , unpack and pack again. We are spending as much time with our family as we can, particularly me and the grandchildren. Everyone is trying so hard to help us, it is awsome how our children are supporting all this when I know they have to be felling abit deserted. Thank God for all of them!

Now for Horace; he is doing very well. Living in the house that was rented for us. ( Hope to have some pictures soon) It is still very empty but a stove and fridg. got delivered today. He got our electricity in our name and the water. We still need to filter the water we drink, he is trying to figure out how to hook up the filter he bought here. The internet situation is not yet figured out but Horace has become aquainted with a ciber cafe that works for now. He was able to buy some mattresses, so we will have beds when we arrive. He is looking into having some frames made, he found out that the man who makes them comes to your house and sets up his shop there for how ever long it takes him to complete the task. We need at least 7 beds so he may be with us awhile. TIA ( This Is Africa ) is a term Horace is using alot. He is still working on getting a car, sounds like ordering one from Japan will be what we do. It will take about 6weeks to get it shipped, so we will rent one until then. Horace is walking everywhere which he does'nt mind unless it is pouring rain. He thinks that the rain has stopped for awhile though, it has been very hot for the last few days. He asked if everyone will pray for the title on the land. Building can not start until we have it. Horace went and talked to our lawyer and the land discription was not even correct, they had only half of it there, please ask God for favor and mercy on this subject. Continue to pray for all of us, I know you are because we can feel it. Pray for travel mercies for Horace to come and get us at the airport and for our journey there, pray for favor and mercies on our luggage even the travel agent is not very hopful that we will make it with everything but we serve a big God, also please pray for our Suburban and van to sell here. I will try to post our flight when I get a copy, today hopefully. Never stop praising God for who He is and what He is calling us to do with Him! In Jesus' Love Horace,Phyllis and Family


dcook said…
Very exciting,
Your whole family is in our prayers and we are very excited for you in your journey. During your stay in Africa I know that your family will draw closer to one another and that alone is exciting. We will be praying for the legal issues that you are facing. IF times ever feel down remember you are on a mission from God and you will be blessed.

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