Here we Go!

Hi everyone it is almost midnight here in Lewiston Idaho, USA but in Eldoret Kenya, Africa it is about to be 10:00 in the morning. We are flying out of Spokane at 6:00am on thursday, here in about 6 hrs. We will arrive in kenya at 8:45 Friday evening. Are we excited? Yes we are! Did we have tears saying goodbye to our friends and family, you bet! If we did not get to say goodbye to you and hug you personally we are doing it now. We love all of you so much. Know that it is your prayers that have kept this mom and grandmom going for the last few weeks. Please pray that we make it to meet up with Horace safely and that our seating arrangments are made by God. We must check in at each airport to get our seats and we need to sit at least one adult to one child. Horace asks for prayer on the bank account there, it was froze because they could not find his entry permit. Pray! Thank you all again for sending us and being with us in this journey to see God's will done in Kenya. PS Please pray for our family staying here it is so important that they be covered too. We are praying for all of you also! Love Horace,Phyllis and family


Jess said…
You did great. All will be well. Know we are praying and we are excited to hear of all that you are doing. You are our seed to Africa and we know there will be a harvest. At the Healing Rooms tonight while we were praying, I saw myself planting seeds a long side a road and almost immediately trees began to grow from those seeds. The harvest will come faster than we could ever imagine. I love you and am very proud of you. Jess
Anonymous said…
Hey family:
just droping in to say that I miss you guys all sooooooo much!! hope all is well, and I can't wait to hear from you.
I am so proud of you for following through with the God... even though I know it was somewhat hard. :)
I love you guys and will talk to you soon. MISS YOU BYE.
give the girls and marvin a hug for me please.

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