Horace in Kenya

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that Horace arived in Nairobi on Friday morning 7:00 or so Kenyan time, which is 10 hrs differnce, just in case you were wondering. He did not arrive with his bags, but they found them in London and they are sending them! Praise God! Please pray that this does not happen when the whole fam goes, because we do not have 3 or 4 days in Nairobi to hang around. Horace is there in Nairobi until he can find a car for all of us. Continue to pray for this it is the next answer we need. As soon as He finds a car he will be off to Eldoret not by himself, we have a Kenyan Pastor friend who will be traveling with him. Thank you Jesus! Please pray for road travel mercies and that the people who are helping Horace will see the blessing of the Lord in their lives. I have been a the Hunger Con. sence we dropped Horace off at the airport. Heidi Baker was on of the speakers and she spoke somethings right to my heart, more on that later. Thank you so much everyone for all you support and prayers. We are able to do this because God has called you beside us. Love Horace & Phyllis and family


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