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Hi everyone I hope I will get better about keeping this up dated, I am sure I will when it is my main source of communication. For those who haven't heard we had our prayers answered and our sweet little Addison ( Jake & Randi's newest) is here, born August,17th . She seemed to be in a hurry and made it here 2 weeks before schedule. We had been praying for an early arrival so her and Grampa Horace could meet face to face. Praise God, they have had the opportunity to meet more than once. She is here pictured with her Uncle Marvin. We are all trying to hold her as much as we can. Next thing on the calendar is September 5th, Horace will fly out of Spokane at about 1:45 if his ticket every gets her from the travel agent. We haven't see it yet but again God has promised that He would provide for all our needs both here and there so we are standing on it. He is never early or late. The house that was being considered has come through and we recieved the lease agreement last week. We are very pleased it is in the same area as where we stayed last year, some familiar would be wonderful. It has 6 bedrooms plenty of room for visitors and the gate and wall I had hoped for so the kids would be safe out of doors. Really it is so much more than we ever expected. God is good all the time. We are still waiting to hear what he says about a vehicle we are praying for it to be above and beyound too. Horace will be met at the Nairobi airport by a friend we made last year while we were visiting; Pastor Nim. He is a true friend and will take really good care of Horace and get him where he is sapose to be. This is all the update I have so far. I will get back in a couple of days after he arrives and I hear how it went. Thank you all for your love and support, keep those prayers going for the Throne we know that is why we have recieve so much favor. In Jesus Name Horace, Phyllis and family!


Alan Coons said…
Phyllis & family,
Sorry I have missed your last meetings. This blog spot will be great. Thanks for setting it up so we all can keep track of your mission.
Praying that Horace's travels and initial work are richly rewarded and abundantly blessed.
With you in prayer,
Alan Coons

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