Dear loved ones! We had an incredibly good trip back to the states. We flew out of Eldoret, watching the great news that we in Kenya have a goverment again, yea God! All flights were very comfortable as we got seats by each other. We left African sun and touched down in the states just in time to catch the end of winter, boy were we cold! We spent one night on the coast of Washington State, in the city of Everett. Tired as we were, we hardly felt the beds but the breakfast the next morning was fantastic. We rented a SUV to drive over the mountains seeing some of the Northwest sceinery that we love and visited with my father ( Phyllis ) in Wenatchee. It was a very full day, pulling into our daughter Jessica's house around 6:00 saturday evening. A warm welcome met us there from all our children & grandchildren, it was a very good ending for our 1st day back.

Horace was hit by the jet lag last time and this time it was me. It has taken me a full week to beable to function like myself. The kids seem to do the best. We spent two nights with Jessica and her family and then we moved into a apartment lent to us by our good friends Pastor Ray & Geri Tucker. They have offered us their hospitality here in the states while they are in Eldoret, pritty awsome, ha. It was much more than here are the keys, hope you are OK. No, Geri's sister Louise met us at the apartment where coffee, eggs, bacon, milk and Juice were waiting for us. There was a welcome home card and sign on the wall, wow! We are always overwhelmed with God's Grace towards us! Thank you Pastor Ray & Geri and all at Faith Tabernacle!!

Wednsday we ate dinner ( the best steak we have ever eated ) with our Pastors at Hope Chapel, Jeph & Jaclyn Chavez, it was great to talk and be with them again. We have been invited to apear on the local Christian TV station ( which is right outside our front door ) and we have already shared with our home Healing Rooms Team and several friends, our experiences while in Kenya. We are missing all our family & friends in Eldoret alot but we know already that the 2 months we have in the states will go quickly. At the end of March we will be traveling to Colorado to meet with the board of Children with Hope and discuss options for our work in kenya.

Thank you everyone who prayed us home safe and keep praying, your support means everything to us. Please pray for our stay that we would accomplish what God has us here for and pray for all our concerns back home in Kenya. Josh & Rachel are there holding down the fort! Josh is continuing what got started out on the property and Rachel is helping out at the Pastor's home where our foster children are staying. We love you all. We pray that God's blessings, as rich as they are, from His Glory be yours in full!!! Your Leisters in the USA for a short time!


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