God Moving

Dear Blog family, Praise God He is working all the time, He is not a man that he should lie and He never sleeps! God is moving miraculously in Kenya! We have seen God moving for us and for this country in general in the last few weeks, our prayers are being answered! But this is not a time to quit pressing the heavens for what we need to accomplish for His will.

The enemy has designed some things for this country also and he is at foot, he has made the next generation his target and he will not give them up with out a fight! Our authority is cemented in the courts of Heaven because of who our Savior is and what He was willing to give for us, now we must stand on this truth no matter what, to change the tide of events the enemy has enacted here in Kenya! Our God reigns, halleluiah!!

There have been many praying for rain because we did not get the amount that was expected during the long rainy season because of this water shortages are expected, we have seen quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks, Praise God! The maze harvest did better than expected but there are still many with out food, continue to pray!

Pray that Satan’s long lived lie here in Kenya, that all things must be settled with violence would be broken! That the innocent would see the hand of God in their lives, protecting them no matter what their circumstances!

You may be thinking “ has Horace & Phyllis given up the children and now become preachers” nothing of the kind! But we have seen the level of spiritual warfare go up as of late, along with God’s miracles. We need your constant prayers, all of us have been feeling the enemy trying to eat away at our confidence and physical stamina!

Now; what is happening here at Tumaini Children’s Center! So many new things! The shop is completed except for the entrance doors! Horace now has a place to keep tools and work on all the house projects. The ground work for the new home has begun! We are planting out at Jua Kali for a big harvest of vegetables also our chicken project in on its way ! We would like to be as self sufficient as possible and visit the grocery store as little as possible.

The children are growing so quickly it seems these days! Sarah Ellen is now 8 months old and Gabriel is 7. Jewel is 20 months and talking like crazy both in English and Kiswahili! Brenda is doing wonderfully , again each a miracle.

We had a sad day of saying good bye to our Nancy ( six years) and Maggie ( 18 months) their mother decided she wanted to try and take care of them on her own and we did not have a legal paper to say other wise so we had to consent. We hope you will join us in prayer that she is able to do this and the children will be fed and cared for properly. This mother needs prayer for physical healing as well!

We have had some great help here in the last few months, we still have our Kenyan house help Julia. We also had a friend from Lewiston come and help out , Audry Boreson! The work never ends here from sunup to sundown so all the help God sends us is so appreciated.

Even though we moved 2 back to their mother we are expected to receive 4 more this next week. We will post their arrivals as they come.

We pray for all of you our dear family, we realize that as you stand in the gap for us and Kenya, this places you in the line of fire, thank you so much for being willing to be in this place! God’s enormous Blessings on all of you! Love the Leisters in kenya


Anonymous said…
I am so excited to see the progress made there, it has been a long road. God is so good! I am home from the church plant in Missoula MT. for a couple of weeks and so I am catching up on things. I have been gone 4 months now, lots have happened for you guys in that time. Be blessed, it's all in God's timing.
Julee King said…
We are praying for you all. What beautiful little ones! Blessings on you all.

~ julee
Anonymous said…
Phyllis, I was just reading about a nutrition product called medika mamba (the Haitians call it that) used for getting infants and toddlers back on their feet nutritionally on a low budget. I'm sure you already know about it, but I thought I would pass it on in case you hadn't.

Cute puppy!

Hugs to you, Horace and the kids.

~ jules

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