Spiritual Warfare

Dear Blog family,we are Praising the LORD that He is who He says He is and we are who He says we are! We talked a little last month about the escalation in spiritual warfare we have felt lately! We felt it this month in our physical heath but God is bigger than anything the enemy has to throw at us! We Praise God for all of you who have stood by us in prayer this month, it is truly what makes the difference for us.

We spent more time in the hospital and at the Dr's office than we have ever. On Thanksgiving I was so sick, Horace had to stay home from the international dinner we were invited to with me and the Kenyan children( we sent Marvin,Troy & Dannon with Josh & Rachel they had a great time.) I asked God why the enemy was able to get at me and everyone else who had been sick here, He said to me " don't look at him, look at me!" it was a turning point for me! My spirit just went " oh yea, that's right, look up". We are all doing much better now, pneumonia is gone in Jesus' name, ear and throat infections gone in the mighty name of Jesus, sinus and stomach infections gone, Praise God Hallelujah!!!! We serve a big and loving God!!!

The work here just continues in line with Gods will and timing! We received our Society papers this month, giving us an official entity in this country. Now we can register as a Children's Home. Everything we need officially will come under this, Praise God.

The preparations to build keep going forward too and a good thing because we are growing. We now have 9 children!! Nancy & Maggie are back for now, please pray for this situation, their mother has decided she may have something to gain by them living with us. We just want God's will!!

We have a new baby boy, his name is Ruben, he is 5 months now and doing great, he came with pneumonia and other stuff! We also have 2 new little girls, Joyce & Dema they are so beautiful! Joyce has a cleft lip & pallet so she needs alot of prayer. She is 17 months and weighs 9lbs. We are hoping to help her gain some weight so that she can have surgery done on her mouth and a hole she has in her heart! Truly God is snatching these little ones from the grave and placing them with us, we are so humbled! Dema( short for Demerise) is around 3 she is such a mover and a shaker!! They are all so precious to us and more so to the Lord!

Brenda is doing great she now has doubled her weight and can move all her fingers with a little help. Sarah & Gabe are growing so fast, Sarah is walking with help at 9 months and Gabe is crawling at 7. Our sweet Jerusalem is such a blessings she trys so hard to make each new child feel at home. Troy & Dannon are hard at work keeping track of everyone!

We have also had a great visit in November from our Pastors, Jeph & Jaclyn Chavez. They were here for 7 great days and helped out so much! While they were here we got a chance to drive down to Kisumu and visit our son Josh and wife Rachel who is Jaclyn's cousin. Kisumu is on Lake Victoria and we went boating to spy out some of the water wild life, namely Hippos!!! I hope the pictures come out it was a great trip.

We also have some great new from the U.S.A., we are going to be grandparents for the 8th & 9th time! Our eldest daughter Jessica and her husband Jeremy are expecting in June 2009 and so is our daughter Brandi also in June. More great news is that our daughter Brittney is engaged to be married! Her fiance is Justin Derting of Lewiston ID. We are so excited and grateful for all that God is doing in our lives! May all His blessings be with all you our Blog family!!! Love the Leisters in Kenya


Anonymous said…
Great blogs Ms Leister. So good to see all your faces and see your doing well. Amazing how a family can grow, huh? Haven't had time to comment as I been working outside for 6 months, but now it be cold and am inside again. Always thinking of you guys, praying for you and waiting till we get to see you in person again. Another grandchild. Such a deal. That of course makes #15 for us. Sorry someone has to lead. Love and Blessings. Ted
steve grinolds said…
Hi everyone I miss you all. I remember times of prayer we had togther and the Lord had showed me that he was going expand the mothers heart that was already in Phyllis and I chuckle every time you take in another child, that is why you are there. I remember the Lord showed me Horace as this beautiful black rock. I can see many times over how God has used Horace to be a rock for all of you. I am very blessed with new job at ATK and I pray alot for the people I work with because they sure need Jesus. say hi to Troy and Dannon I am so proud of those girls. Hope Chapel is growing and we are in the Red Lion now and should be in the Liberty by march. lots of love and blessings to you! In Christ love your Brother Steve
Anonymous said…
Hello Leisters!
Great news with all the coming grand babies. As in the natural, so in the spiritual, right?
And how is Rachel doing?

~ julee
Anonymous said…
Hello Leisters! So much going on both here and there with family.

And all the new little ones God is adding - both 'adopted' children and grandbabies galore!

We are thrilled for Brittany - he's a great guy!

How is Rachel doing at this point?


~ julee

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