Adventure USA 2009

Dear friends and hopeful visitors to Tumaini Children's Center Dave & Kerry Sinner and children.

Tekoa all the way from Kenya with His grandfather Bill.

Dannon & our newest grandaughter Becca , our grandaughter Bailee, myself & grandaughter Shaelyn.

Here he is our newest Grand son
Luken Robert Ray Movius

We got to see Troy & Dannon's Aunt Dawn in Wenatchee WA

Troy & Dannon at our favorite family camping spot " Bowman Bay " up at the tip of Washington.

Dustin & Angela Cook in Eldoret Kenya at Tumaini Children's Center

Us with my sister Mariah and her family, Aburn WA

This is the Cook's home in Clarkston where we are staying!

Our daughters Home on the Palouse

Lewiston - Clarkston Valley Home!

Hello Blog family, we are in the US! We left Eldoret in the late afternoon on the 21st of July, saying a difficult "see you soon" to our sweet gifts from Heaven and the wonderfully brave young couple ( Dustin & Angela Cook from Clarkston Wa )
We arrived in Portland OR at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday the 22ND of July,picked up our rental car and headed to the motel for a good night sleep. 22 hrs in flights is brutal, after stopping at Burger king for an American burger!!! yum, of course!

The next morning we got up early to start the road trip part of our adventure.
We love to drive in the US, smooth highways are not available in Kenya!! As soon as we were on the road we saw Horace's face light up like a spot light had just hit him. We drove several hundred miles in the next 2 days stopping and visiting family and friends on our way! If you have never drove through the Pacific North West you have never lived, it is so beautiful, green and lush!!!

By Friday we had drove through the upper coastal part of Oregon and Washington state and then over and down to the bottom cornor of Washington where it meets Idaho along the snake river. Lewiston & Clarkston Valley is where we call home here in the US.

It was incredible to look down off the Palouse into the valley after being gone for the 16months we have just spent in Eldoret Kenya. God is so good all the time, which I know you have heard form me before but He is and never more obvious than when he gives you your hearts desire over and over again.

We so love what we do in Kenya with God's children there, it is the fulfillment of a hearts desire God placed in me long ago but between then and now God has also filled our hearts with our own children and many experiences and people that we love so much. He has not forgotten that our hearts cry out to see them and love on them too, Thank you Father you are a Great, Great loving Father!!!!!

I will continue to let you know how our adventure is going!! We still have Jake's family to see, Family Pictures to take,wow, we are getting to be a big Family, Brittney & Justin's Wedding and much more!

Please pray for our on going safety here and for the safety and well being of our babies and the wonderful young couple Dustin & Angela Cook taking our place in Eldoret Kenya! We Pray for all of God's constant blessings flowing your way! Loving with the Love God gives us, Horace & Phyllis Leister on an adventure in the US


ran shae said…
wow, this post makes me so much more excited to come home!!! i am actually going to go do the packing that i have been porcrastinating on, right now! : ) oh, and i love how coming to the USA is the adventure for you now. kind of ironic, huh?

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