Our December 2009 Team

Here is just part of the blessing that we recieved! Thank you everyone who sent things and payed to have things sent!

The team had a busy 1st day! They went out to the property at Jua Kali right after visiting with all of us here at Tumaini! Here Thom is passing out sweets to the local chidlren! They love to see the white Tumaini van coming!

The team here are standing in the new house that is being built for one of the families that live on the Jua Kali property! The placement of the house will bring better secruity for the property!

The team started by helping with the roof on the porch and putting up the gutter! The gutters are so importand here because of the huge amount of water that falls during the rain! They keep the water from erodding the cement and ground and allows us to catch it for drinking and watering!

Gary finished, all day!

Great job! This is our back porch, off the washroom and kitchen!

They came and concered! They mixed and poured the cement for the front and back porches! Not and easy job, in the kenyan sun and doing it kenyan style! All with your back!

We got the honor of having Thom Seagren proside over our annual Society Meeting! Here is the meeting and all the members that came! We are so blessed!

While visiting the team helped us unoffically upen the house! The Kenyan board was here to help also!

The help that was done on the house was great but of course the laughs and play that was done inside will never be forgotten by those who recieved the Fathes love from his children!

Here are the four men who came as a team from Colorado to help with the house project! Pastor Rob, Thom Seagren, Gary and Dean ( also a board member)! Thanks again guys!

Thank you God for the people who sacrifice and care so much for us here at Tumaini! We have just recieved a vist from a team that included Thome Seagren, the President of Children With Hope and three other great men of God! Children With Hope is the organization that allows us Leisters to do our hearts desire and serve God in the nations! Thank you Thom & Shari Seagren for your vision for this project, to give children who have nothing, have everything in Jesus! Also to the board who support them and us with their wise council and prayers!
Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for us to be here with your prayers and finacial support this year! We love you so and are praying for God's continued Blessings to be with you and yours! Horace, Phyllis, Troyanna, Dannon and all here at Tumaini Children's Center.


Jessica said…
Which of your little munchkins is in the striped fleece? It is funny to see the girls' old clothes there.

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