Christmas in Kenya 2009

Now this looks like Christmas at the Leister's! This is our 3rd Christmas in Kenya!

Dannon was happy with her gift!


Gabe loved the candy canes!

Enoch with his Christmas Stocking!

Ruth enjoying her gifts on Christmas morning!

Wall of stockings! One for everyone, even our househelp! They were made by a friend in colorado! They are so beautiful!

Baking Christmas cookies with friends!

Shoebox gifts from our friends at New Life Church in Pierce Idaho!

Our beautiful Christmas Tree! This was the 1st year we had a tree for Christmas we were so blessed, we purchased it from some friends who were returning to the states.

Outside looking in!

Prayer time!

It was great to have Josh, Rachel and our grandson Tekoa with us for Christmas!

We had many visitors during Christmas! This was a group that visited from Moi Referal Hospital ( the hospital where we have recieved most of our children from) Sarah Mamlin and her husband direct the intern program there between Kenya and the US. These are all young Drs.checking out what we are doing at Tumaini! Sarah ( to the right ) backed 2000 Christmas Cookies for all the chidlren that they are connected with, Prase God, Tumaini has some of these children because the cookies are wonderful!

We exchanged gifts during our Society group gathering and we are really glad that they were not wraped!!! Mom Phyllis was presented with the traditional chicken dinner!

We had a great time while gathering with our Society group.

Here Troy & Dannon are singing with their friends the Gafner girls and our children during the visit from our Society Group.

This was our 3rd Christmas in Kenya! Hard to believe! Everyone had such a great time! We were blessed with many visitors a few days before Christmas, we greeted, talked, sang, had chai (tea with milk and surgar) and cookies, exchanged some small gifts and enjoyed ourselves greatly. Our househelp said they had never had such a wonderful Christmas! This blessed us Leister's more than anything! We prayed that all of you who help make it possible for us to be here with your support and prayers had just as wonderful a Christmas and we pray you have a " Super Blessed New Year!" Love all of you so much! The Leisters in Kenya


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