A Word from the girls!

Today I did my school like everyday,but Friday,Saturday and Sunday!

We start school after 9:00 and stop at 12:00. The kids go for their nap at 12:30

They get up at 2:00. After they get up we take them outside to play!

They go for bed at 7:30 after we read the Bible and pray. 2 of them stay up a little later.

That was my 1st Post! O! Ya! Did you know a moose is part of the Deer Family? I found this out in a geography game we play for school, really!

Well that's all for now Folks!


Dannon & I playing outside with the children!

"Habari" (that means Hi, how ya doing!)from Troy!

Today I helped make breakfast like every morning.
Every other day I make Mom orange juice for breakfast.

Most of the babies like toast for breakfast and eggs
with "maji" (that means water) or "maziwa" (that means milk).

I eat toast and eggs with "quancher" (that means juice).
After breakfast we all go and play with the babies.

Bye for now


Jessica said…
Hey girls,
That was a great post. I hope that you will take the opportunity to tell us more about life from your perspective. We love you and miss you.
Jess, Bailee, Sam, and Makayla (Luken is napping.)
ran shae said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about your days girls! we miss you so much and can't believe how fast you grow up! thanks for the little lesson in swahili, and keep up all the hard work. and don't neglect your studies!!! : )


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