Finally! A word from the Girls!


This is Pheobi she's my little ducky.
I call her ducky because she has the mouth of ducky in the "land befor time".
When she first came to us she made a little ducky sound.
Is'nt she adorable?

And little Joyce in her B-DAY hat I made for her.
It's the best hat I'v made so far, it has violet on top and voilet and purple mix
on the sides with purple on the bottom.
Pritty cool, I know!

HOLY HUVERING HUMING BIRDS! I forgot to tell you about this bug on the last blog.
This unplesent bug is a kind of cocroch! Oh and FYI, it was'nt in our house.
It was night time when it hit the window and we thought it was a bird becuse the
noise was so loud. Pritty disturbing, I know.

This adorable creater is Eliza. Is'nt she delightful?
She looks a lot like her brother, I think she also has some looks like
her Grandma Jessy. She also has a very expressive face.

This is Sylvia and guess what she's an OPRA singer.
Sylvia is so very funny,nice & pritty she has a very pritty voise.


Hello guys, your right, it's me Dannon.
Don't you just love this picture.
It was so fun to have them here for a month!
Eliza is so sweet. we can't wait to see them again.

Gabe loves his brother.
Enoch was criying. so Gabe walk to Enoch and gave him a big hug!
Gabe did not want to let go of him.
Gabe can be so sweet and other times, not so sweet.
Enoch love's hug's from his big brother.

Tekoa Love's Grampa!
Tekoa is so good about his picture being taken.
After a month Tekoa was ready to go home.
But he did really good.
Oh, before I forget Troy & I are geting our first camera, cool rite!!

Enoch is so cute I sent this because of his face?
I think this was Dema's Birth Day!!
When we were handing out present's Gabe's like that's mine that's min he is so funny!!

Thats all for now Folks! Love Ya Dannon


Jessica said…
Troyanna and Dannon, I love you. I don't like your bug though. Make sure those are not around when I come.

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