Hi everyone! We just celebrated our Debby's 3rd Birthday! One of the great parts to what we are doing here, is giving the children experiences they have never had! Ice cream cones were something no one had had before! It was great fun! We got no smiles from Debby though!

This was an obvious outdoor event!

Some needed more help than others!


Jewel enjoying her ice cream cone!

Joel eating his ice cream cone!

We have been trying to get a Family Picture! This is not as easy as it may sound, ha, ha! The children have been great though! This was our 5th attempt and we decided this would do to have enlarged for our wall!

This one we took outside and loved the colors and settings but the children looked at Peter who was taking the picture like they did not know him at all and no one could get hem to smile! Not one!

This was another attempt, we felt it was a bit to far away, but we liked the wonderful wall hanging!

We are busy here! Construction continues! Now that the new house project is mostly finished the men and Horace are working on the Big Room that will connect the two houses and make us one big house!

This life is not only busy but can be quite stressful so we have invested in some equipment so that we can exercise a bit of it off! Now getting the time to do is is another miracle!

Thank you everyone for your patients with me as I try to juggle all that needs to be done here! I love posting pictures of the happenings here but do not always have time! So again I thank you for waiting!
We are praying for all of you who come to this site and see what God has accomplished, to be lifting up Praises to Him!
We are so thankful for the opportunities that present themselves everyday to do the same!
Love Horace, Phyllis, Troy, DAnnon and everyone here at Tumaini Children's Center! And by the way all prayers have been answered! We have our official license! Yea God!


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