A Mother's Day Adventure 2011

I had a magnificent Mother's Day! I thought I would share it with you! I woke up Mother's Day morning and was greeted by our two youngest American daughters, Troyanna and Dannon with bedside prestents! Thank you both! They also picked out a card and helped all our African son's & daughters sign, it was the most perfect card,here it is!

Then I received some great words of encouragement from our children who live in the US, this always makes my day, thank you everyone, I love you so much!

Here are some flowers that God contributed!

They are so beautiful! Thank you Father God!

After breakfast Dad Horace announced that he was taking us for a adventure ride! About 20 minuets drive from Eldoret there is a place where a man has donated property and brought back some Giraffes. You can not always see them but Dad decided this was a good day to ride out and see! Enoch gets to head the line!

We all love to go for a ride! Dannon, trying to keep everyone calm to wait their turn to get in the van.

Here we are loading everyone in!!

Dema the Big sister, holding Elizabeth while we got everyone else in!

Here are Boaz & Abigail, we have 4 car seats and we put the littlest one and Brighton in them. Abigail is sitting forward because her and Jewel tend to get motion sickness. We give them medicine, sometimes it works and sometimes not, on the way back she got sick 3 times, that is how it is with children, you take the good and the not so good and have fun!!

Big sister Troy making sure everyone is seated and buckled in. The seats are so nice and big that it is a great snug fit.

First we saw this field of Antelope! They are also all gone from this area! They were beautiful and the children loved how they sprang in the air as they jumped away from the van.

This is what we came to see, a family of Giraffes! It is so awesome that this man is willing to reintroduce these beautiful animals back into their countryside. They use to Rome free everywhere just less than 10 years ago1

They were pitty far away but everyone was able to see them!

Here is a big bull Giraff that was laying down in the grass all by himself!

As we were driving the children pointed out these grass homes and asked us about them? Because they live in the city they do not realize that most people who live outside the city still live in these grass huts and small brickhomes. This is why we love to take them on rides now that they are older so that they can learn about their country of kenya.

Here we are on our way home, following a pickup bus! I tried to get a better shot so that you could see all the people and chickens that were piled on top but it went by us too fast and had stopped to unload before we caught up to it!

We had a great trip and to finish the day Dad went out and purchased some fantastic Chines food for all! Blessings Love Mama Phyllis


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