" Poa ( good ) Place" a great adventure!

Saturday the 11th of August,  we got an opportunity to take the children to the Cultural Park we have here in Eldoret.  We went in 2 groups because our Condor only sits 7 adults and we can ususally fit a few more children in there than that.  We had a great time, we wanted to share it with all of you! 

Here we are with the 1st group, being introduced to our tour guide.  

A Ugandan crane wondering free.  These are very large birds, they would not let the children get close enough so that we could see a comparison but the birds are taller than most of our children. They are a awesome bird, beautiful!

The monkeys were very entertaining and of course we all enjoyed them, except Eliza, she did not know what to think of their noises.

This is the mama baboon and she wanted fed!

This guy decided he would let out his tail for the children, they were very impressed.

We are looking for the turtles, just left looking at the Tortoises.  This is a good shot of most of the park too.

This fellow is one of the children's favorite.  Those who have been old enough to have come for the last 3 years since this guy was brought here as a baby, know him and have watched him grow!  When he is a few years older the park will have to move him on.  His enclosure will not be big enough to hold him.

This park also has a snake house.  It is used to show Kenyan snake species and teach what to do if you encounter some of these animals.  I can not remember what the name of this one is but he is big, his head is the size of a tennis ball.  The last time we were at the park there was a guinea pig in the enclosure with him. I do not have to explain what he was doing in there, do I!  They also have mambas, green and black, which we have here in Eldoret.  It is nice to learn what to do if we see one or hopefully never, get bit by one.

Here is the 2nd group, the younger children.  For most, this is their 1st time, it was really a lot of fun to be with them. 

They all love going into the different traditional tribal homes.  They have set up several, most people who live in the rural areas still live in homes like these.  It is really good for the children to see and experience.

Mom & Reuben.

This is the backside of the Kikuyu homestead.

This is coming out of the men's quarters seperate from house.

What Kenyan park would be anything with out one of the " Big Five " !  This pair of lions were rescued last year and brought here to Eldoret.  It was a big deal when it happened.  We saw them last year when they 1st got here and they look so much better now.  It is sad they have to be in such a small area but they would have been killed otherwise.

Dad Horace with his group!

We had a great time.  We hope you enjoyed going with us.  Thank you all who support us, you make all this possible.  Love all of us here at Tumaini Children's Home.   www.tchkenya.com


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