Last few months of Birthdays Don't forget Sponsorships are still needed!

May Birthdays

Zuriel May 6th - 1 year  ( Praise God, Fully Sponsored )

Gabrial May 7th -  4 years old   ( Needs Sponsoring )

Abagail May 10th -  3 years old  ( Needs Sponsoring )

Thomas May 16 - 1 year old ( Needs more Sponsors )

Olive June 8 - 2 years old  ( Nees more Sponsors )

Joyce July 5 - 5years old  ( Needs Sponsors )

Reuben July 16 - 4 years old  ( Needing Sponsors )

Debby August 4th - 4 years old  ( Needs Sponsors )

Damarise August 8 - 7 years old  ( Needs Sponsors )

Brenda August 27 - 4 years old  ( Needs Sponsors )

Thank you everyone for the responce we have had to sponsor the children here at Tumaini.  Please follow through if you have contacted us about sponsorship.  Remember it can take several sponsors to get each child completely sponsored.  A direct link and step by step instuctions on how to set up a account at are written out on our  website.  These sponsorships are so important to each of the children to see their day to day needs met.  We thank you so much for your love towards our family here in Kenya. 
 Also, please let us know if you have any questions, encouagements or need help completing your your sponsorship account, we love to hear from you!  You can comment here or there is a contact button on the website too!  Blessings to all of you!  Love Horace & Phyllis, Troy and Dannon  


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