Brighton a special miracle!

Our Brighton 2010 at 2 years, when we 1st received him from the hospital! 

Brighton was left with symptoms of CP (cerebral palsy) after having a sever case of meningitis as a 1 year old.  He was abandoned by his mother.  When we received him the prognosis was very poor, he had been as we saw him for about 1 year.  Hands in fists, legs drawn up tight, neck bent speech.  Unable to sit or move around except to roll over when helped.

God is so good!  Praise Him, Praise Him!  This is our Brighton now almost 4.  He is not only walking here, he is dancing with some worship music he likes.  Brighton is still working on the speech but he can say several different words and a couple of phrases like " want some more!"

Brighton was never suppose to sit or eat by himself, or crawl or walk but he has done all these things and more because of the love of God pured out to him through our wonderful Kenyan family!  Brighton has a great therapist who has been working with him for about a year now, that has really helped but we all believe ( even the therapist ) that his greatest therapy has come from his siblings and their love and acceptance of him!  Brighton is a miracle, maybe not a instant one like we picture them being but a miracle of God's enduring love!   We serve an amazing God and are so humbled by the power of His love!  Thank you Jesus for our Brighton!

Brighton has therapy once a week that costs 1000sh ( $12.00 ) this sounds very inexpensive but it adds up.  Brighton could use a sponsor or several!  A complete child sponsorship is $150 per month to provide for the child's average daily need and school. This amount could be taken on by one person or split between several.  Brighton has special needs so he also needs a sponsor for his therapy an extra $48 per month.  We plan to put Brighton into pre-school when the new year starts in Jan.  We expect great things, we know our God is a big God!

We are so appreciative for everyone who has shown interest in sponsoring our children here at Tumain.  Please if you have contacted us about Sponsoring and have not followed through setting up an account through our website or are having difficulty in any way please contact us on the website or at  We are excited to have you as part of our family! 

May God's mighty Blessings abound towards you today!  Love Horace & Phyllis 


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