Yep, and it just keeps getting better!

A continuing walk of Faith! 
 " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.  By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible." Hebrews 11:1-3 
 We believe God is providing for us a good testimony here in Kenya!  We had some wonderful friends from the states come by Tumaini Children's Home this week. Ray & Geri Tucker, Linda Freeman & Rick Parsons came with this scripture and to pray with us and encourage us on our next step of faith.  At the beginning of October God opened a door of opportunity for us to purchase the land and house you see below.   
The house has 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, large kitchen and dinning, large setting room exc... to say the least it is a house that will accommodate our growing family.  The house sits on 1/2 acre with plenty of ground for the children to run and play and we can grow some food too.
  The land we now occupy is a great place but it is leased, we are expected by the Kenyan Government to eventually own the land where our children's home resides. This is to ensure the children have a secure home.  This house will be purchased in Tumaini Children's Home name.
The house is 2/3 finished which is OK with Dad Horace because he came to build and he loves to finish and it makes the price more reasonable.  We were approached by the land Broker to look at the house and we thought it would be fun to see in it because it sits right next to where we live now.  As soon as we stepped on the ground,s both Horace and I looked at each other because we felt Holy Spirit.  As we walked through we had an amazing feeling of God's abiding presence. Even the Broker could feel it, he turned to me and said " this is your house, isn't it?"  All I could think to say was " We have no money!"
The Broker looked at me and said " God will provide what you need. "  We decided that was a word we should follow,  we had him go and present just that to the owner.  The owner said " no " to begin with and then the Broker continued to describe the work we are doing with the children here and he decided he would come and meet us.  The day we met, I was excitedly talking about our vision for the children and Kenya,  he held up his hand and said " Mama, you need not sell me on this, I have decided to help this work you are doing, it is a noble work!" 
He has given us 5 months to raise the purchase price ( 15,000,000 Kenyan shillings which is $180,000 American dollars and another $45,000 to finish and complete title paperwork )  this seems like a large amount in a short time but we are believing God has stored this provision up for these wonderful children and he will release it through His people. 
Please join with us, as we pray with Faith and Hope in God's great provision! 

Thank you everyone for you constant faith and generosity in giving to this ministry.  We are so apprciative for the love and respect it represents.  Please continue to consider sponsoring one of our precious children here at Tumaini, if you have'nt already.

  We are getting a good responce to sponsoships, but there are still more than half that do not have even one and several that need more.  We know that God provides for His work in the nations through what He has stored up in His people and we have been so privelaged to know so many of you who are excited to release it.

 Many people have contacted us and asked how,  if you are considering being a sponsor or talking to someone who is, go to the website and push the Child
Sponsorship button, all the information is there.  If you have any problems, we want to help and there is a contact button on each page to let us know how we can help you. Thank you for all that you are to this ministry. 

With God's huge love!  Horace, Phyllis, Troy, Dannon and all here at Tumaini Children's Home.   


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