2015 New Beginnings, The turn around year!

2015 What next Vision!

 In September 2014 we began our 8th year of ministry in Kenya.

In November 2014 while the Josh Leister family were in the states a prayer meeting was held to petition Heaven for "  what is next " for Tumain Children's Home and all of us representing "Family Keys International" in Kenya.

 Family Keys International being our organisation that cover all actions of ministry done by the Leister family here in Kenya and beyond.  

During the prayer time a word was received twice, Habakkuk 2:2  "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it."  When discussed, it was felt that the vision for " Tumaini Children's Home" and all that God has intended here in Kenya for us Leisters needs to be written down and put out there so that all who read it can run with it.  

Truly this is a big order and may not so easily be done but we will try to make it as clear as we can.

 For FKI ( Family Keys International ) the vision is ultimately to reveal Jesus in Family,  Tumaini Home, Discipleship, Medical missions and training, Standing beside Pastors and Kenyan Congregations, Feeding and Housing the poor and destitute, Providing hands on training for mother's and their preemie babies and these are just those things that we can speak out tangibly that God has so far set on our hearts.

 In practicality at this time it is easiest to look at Tumaini Home and know that God has started us here.  
The vision at Tumaini has always been and continues to be, the building of God's family and His Kingdom.  Each time we say to ourselves "well this is it, we will not take any more babies" we hear something totally different from God.  
Dad and Mom Leister have both received dreams and words in the past few months that show us that taking more children is definitely in God's future vision for Tumaini. 
Now, do we know exactly what that looks like, no!  We are continuing as we have from the beginning, trusting our Heavenly Father, one step at a time.

Something we do know:

The vision is bigger than what we have right now!
 We have grown out of our present housing situation, we must widen our tent in order to even accommodate our family at the size it is now.  How blessed we have been here at our present Home but it is just to small.

What does this vision for Housing look like in the practical? 

 We envision property ( leased or purchased ) that would have two residences, one large enough to accommodate our growing Tumaini family of 30 children and 8 daily employees ( 5000 square feet 8 bedrooms, 6 baths, 2 room kitchen including 3 sinks, 2 ranges and 1 large gas burner unit with fridge and 2 freezers, sitting room  and dining large enough to accommodate 50 people) and another house large enough for the younger Leister family ( 3000 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3 bath, large sitting, dining, kitchen, office) both homes would need solar as well as wood water heating and solar electric panels to operate the home. There would also need to be 2, 10,000 litre elevated water storage tanks plus an under ground tank to collect rain water from the gutter system on the house. 

A garage/ carport for 2 vehicles.

A School ( 1200 sq ft 3 class rooms, 2 offices, resource room, library ) and playground to accommodate  30 plus students. 

Shop (1500 sq ft ) large enough for the purpose of training the children in vocational skills, maintaining the grounds, building furniture, and toys for the home and to sell as an income for the home.  The shop would also house welding area and the vehicle maintenance area as well as general storage.
A Guest house ( 1200 sq. ft ) to accommodate visitors, teams and travellers to also serve to teach the children a trade in hospitality management and bring in extra finances.

 A garden area large enough to grow the needed food for our homes ( at least an acre ). 

 A independent water source for clean water (  borehole or deep water well ) because city water is getting less and less dependable. 

 Land enough to grow cash crops like trees and other easily marketable items for self sufficiency of our ministry.  

The vision for our transportation!

 Our 7 seat car that we were blessed to purchase in 2010 has traveled many miles and now is expected to transports 40 of us. We have always had the vision of taking the children to see their country and minister to the people as we go. The vision is to have at least 1 Toyota 4 wheel drive, 1 40 passenger commuter bus ( large van type ), a truck for hauling materials, tractor and trailer, and motorcycles for cheap easy transportation.

We realise this is a big vision but we are trusting in what God can do!

For those of you who know us well and have stood with us these past years, we thank you with all our hearts and those who are just now being introduced to Family Keys and Tumaini Children's Home we pray that you will continue to get acquainted and then pray about what God would have you be involved with.

At this time our 501 c3 status is being completed for all of us here involved with Family Keys International to help with our financial support but until that is completed you can still donate to  Tumaini Children's Home, the Horace Leister Family and the Josh Leister Family through the links on our web site www.tchkenya.com and our Paypal.

All of your financial help is appreciated incredibly but most of all we appreciate your prayers for all of us and all that God is doing here in the Country of Kenya, to build His Kingdom.

 May the LORD bless you!


Love Horace, Phyllis, Troyanna, Dannon, Josh, Rachel, Tekoa, Eliza, Sammuel, Emmanuel and our whole family here at Tumaini!


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