Family Update March 2015

A Tumaini family Update

Tumaini Children's Home; Eldoret Kenya

What a year, already we are seeing 2015 fly by at Tumaini,  God is working in so many ways, we are continually in a state of anticipation to see what he will do next!

Earlier this year while participating in a study on Spiritual Warfare God spoke to Mom Phyllis this strategy.  "pray, listen, obey"!  
This may sound quite simple to some and maybe too simple to others but I heard it loud and clear in my spirit.   
I know that even with all the prophetic Father God is releasing about this year being a turnaround year and His intentions to fulfill many unfulfilled promises, it will not be a year with out spiritual warfare.

It has been said of me and I know it to be true, I need to hear something more than once to put my faith in it as a WORD from God, so I have waited, but if you have followed the Prophetic that is being shared as we have, you have heard this more than once and just recently from a word by Kent Simpson on the Elijah list.

I believe Jesus is reminding us, His body, that we must simply follow His lead and we will see ourselves in the right place at the right time bringing Heaven to earth!  That is ultimately our victory, God's will done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It is an amazing time to live in Jesus!  Let's not keep Jesus to ourselves but share Him with the world!

In eternal Love, Faith, Hope

Horace, Phyllis, Troy, Dannon and all God's children here at Tumaini!  Us Leisters in Kenya

It is time to bring our beautiful and talented Troyanna back to the Us. This will be hard for all of us, she will be so missed by everyone!  But we know God has even greater purposes for her life.  We are planning to travel may 25th with a stop over in the UK.  Please pray for travel mercies and needed finances to bring us there and keep things running smoothly here.  Pray that Josh and Rachel will be blessed while Supervising here at Tumaini and that the children will feel loved and secure.  Also pray because we need to hire 2 more people to help pick up the work load while we are gone.  Thank you for praying God's provision in every area!

Thank you everyone who have prayed for all our children but recently for our Daniel!  His eyesight has improved and he is even sitting up on his own.  God is so good!!! 

If you have never attended a Kenyan wedding, you are truly missing something special !  We were invited to our dear friends Elliot and Matrine Berry's wedding in February.  It was a fantastic Kenyan affair with a British twist making it a marvelous event of color, singing, dance, food and God's WORD.
Blessings to all the Berry family and the Gospel Lakes Choir for visiting Tumaini and encouraging us while you were here in Kenya!

Special Event
In March the Ministry of Samaritan's Purse dedicated their newly finished hanger at the Eldoret International Airport.  We were honored to be invited and celebrate with SP friends.  Franklin Graham spoke along with several Kenyan officials who played major roles in seeing this accomplished.  The hanger will be used to bring aid to many areas of East Africa, what a blessing these people are!

Shining Light School

Our School is thriving!  We now have 20 of our children as students.  Our students are learning their subjects so well along with Character building, Singing and even some Science projects.  We are continuously complimented on how our school and students do.  We are so grateful for the presence of God and His mighty hand that brings all this about!


We are so blessed to have our beautiful Rachel Leister teaching dance again.  She loves the Lord with all her heart and she is teaching the children of Tumaini and many others to express their love for Jesus through dance!  ( picture has Troy helping )

So much is happening here in Kenya!  So many opportunities for all of us Leisters to share the Gospel( God's great love message ) in a multitude of ways!  Please do not forget to have us all in your prayers!  Your financial support is also always so appreciated, many thanks! 

 May the Lord bless you and keep you in His Great Love.


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