We are back and on the Go!

So happy to be back home in Kenya with our family at Tumaini!

This will be short to begin with!  We have been on the run litteraly since returning to Kenya on July 11. We want to share with you all that has taken place and the blessings from God that have been poured out on our lives in the last 6 months since I wrote a blog but it will take time. Here is a fast update and some pictures. 
In April we were invited to a 9 day trip to Porte Rico for som needed R & R before taking our daughter Troy back to the States to finish School.  It was an amazing trip with some super amazing people on their Catamaran named Mana. ( We love you Wayne & Emily ).

Then on May 25 we headed for a week in the Uk and Wales to meet up with friends who are really family to us.  It was again such a Blessed and amazing 7 days.  Dad Horace and Mom Phyllis spent 3 nights at a B&B outside of Fishguard and spent their days visiting a Christian Retreat Center they had always desired to visit.  This time alone in such a beautiful setting with God's Presence all around and such wonderful people to make friends with was the perfect way for them to celebrate their 40 years of marriage.

Then we were off again for the USA to see our family and friends that we had not seen for a long time. We were so happy to hug and hold all our children, grandchildren and now great-grandchild. God is so good to us.

This is Abagail, we flew into Portland just in time for her 1st birthday.  The first time we had gotten to meet face to face.

We were able to visit with our Beautiful Granddaughter Anjahli at the same time.

Got a chance to celebrate with our Church family and the whole of Lewiston 14 Days of Praise! Fantastic!

Had fun in the sun with our family at one of our favorite places in the world!

Spent time with our Sandpoint ID Leisters at their new home and Job.

Celebrated 4th of July in the states for the 1st time in 8 years!

Also celebrated Dad Horaces Birthday for the 1st time in 8 years with everyone!

And then there is our beautiful Great-granddaughter Hadlee, oh I can not think of what to say and not cry!  Thank you Jesus for family!

We had so much love poured out on us from so many friends and family wish I had gotten more pictures! Thank you to all our friends who opened your homes and hearts to us while we were there!  Love, Love, Love!

And of course the hardest thing we did was say good-by to our beautiful Troyanna!  We are missing her very much here in Kenya but we know that God has great plans for her life because He made her to be such a wonderful young lady!  Love you our Troy!

We are still reasuring ourselves to believe that we really did go and have this amazing time! We were so happy to bring Maddie Lang home with us and have her sweet smile and great heart to share with the children at Tumaini. 
 Since we have returned life has been fast and furious to borrow a frase.  The week we returned we all were very sick with flu, three weeks after returning we welcomed three new infant boys to our family, the week following we moved the Josh Leister family to their new home in Kapswar, since we have been moving our home and school around to take advantage of the new space provided by stepping out in faith and taking over the lease on the house and property the Leister's once occupied.  Our Father God is and amazing provider and we are following Him as He shows us every step He has in mind for this family and ministry. I will post more pictures of our great adventure here in Kenya soon.

Horace, Phyllis, Dannon and all here at Tumain


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