Our Home at Ruach Farm - God is Glorified

The Home of our beautiful Tumaini Children

As you can see the house is going up and we are all so thankful and excited.

Thank you everyone who has been involved to get us this far. Please continue to pray for the building to continue and we can get moved in before certain deadlines. The roof structure and roofing will go on before the end of March and then there are bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen and every other to finish. If you have a desire to help finish any of these rooms please let us know and we can give you particulars on how to do this.
And please, Kenya truly needs our many prayers for our elections coming up in August. We are all hoping and praying to see it come off with out the violence we experienced in 2007 - 2008.

Love and blessings from all of us here at Tumaini.

Contact us at: hpleister@gmail.com  www.tchkenya.com  www.familykeysinter.com


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