Life on the Farm - Tumaini Family in Rural Kenya

Life on the Farm

Building our own village!

Playing Basketball

 Taking walks with Dad.

Helping Dad!

Dad adding some finishing touches!

Father's Day with everyone!

Our new Ducks

 The Beeees!

Our prayer Garden!

Then came the rain and the hail!

The kids thought it was Christmas!

The farm plants did not appreciate it at all, we lost most of our beans and maze and all our table garden.  Praise God Kenya has a pretty continuous growing season so we can plant again.


An here is our temporty School Building!  We are so blessed to have it and beable to continue our Shining Light School.  Someday we will build a permant school and this building will become our vocation school ( building skills, welding, furniture building exc..) We pray we will someday be able to open both schools up to the community.

All of this because of all of you believing in the vision God has given us for His purposes and His children here in kenya!  We thank you so much for being a part of this Family with your prayers and finances.  
Horace and I will be in the United States in October 2018.  Family Keys International will Host a Thank You Event, Saturday Evening October 27, at Valley Christian Center, Lewiston ID.  Please if you are in the area, we would appreciate being able to thank you in person for all your help!  

Also if anyone would like to help with the financial costs it takes to prepare for us to take a trip like this, those donation would also be much appreciated.  Not only do we have to purchase tickets to fly but we must leave our family here with stocks of food and untilites prepaid for the time we are gone. You can send your donations to or get on our website  
Again we are so blessed by all that you as our support family do for us continually in the name of Christ!  
In God's Great Love, Horace and Phyllis Leister and Tumaini Family


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