Kenyan Life, Ok here!

Hi everyone; we pray as we write this that all of you are living the kingdom life at it's fullest! Life here in Kenya is different but good. Marvin is doing very good, so is Josh thank-you for all the prayer we can really feel it. We got a opportunity to pray for a little girl the other day. She had malaria, the second time for her and she is only 1. We heard back that she was doing alot better and we are continuing to pray that she will never have it again that Jesus send the parisite back where it belonged on the otherside of the cross. We are praying that the curse of malaria be broken in this country, Amen.
Please pray for the title to the land, we can start no construction on the land until we have a clear title. There have been unfortunate episodes here of buildings being built and and titles not being clear and the builders losing their buildings, this has happened even when christians were involved. So we feel it is wisdom to not start anything until it is clear. We are to go and speek with the Children's worker sometime this week and get some of our questions answered about how children will be place. Also this week our housekeeper is going to take us over to a ophanage not far from where we live. It is a small orphanage and has been there along time so we are very interested to talk with these people. It seems like we are moving very slow in this prosses but I know that is just because we are american! Pray for the open door of ministery thought and that we will see our opportunities and hear the Lord's direction and be obidient. Saturday at the market we encountered a small boy begging, everone here says to not give them money, they will only ues it for glue. We have encountered others and did not have anything to give but money so we prayed and decided tha we would buy food stuff to give when we see them. The store that day was do hectic we forgot to get something specific, when we came out to the car here was this little boy, without hesitating I reached into the grocery bag and got out the loaf of bread we had bought. I can not discribe to you the look on this boys face when I handed him a whole loaf of bread, he ran off like I might take it back or something. God is opening the door if we will not hesitate but just walk forward, pray for us to do just that. We love you all and God bless you for being part of this with us. In the Love of Jesus, Phyllis and everyone here in Kenya. Oh, ya we finally got a dinning table! Ya! the little things reall count here!


Anonymous said…
Hello Everyone!

I am so glad to see you are safe and sound in your new home. I pray for you all often! It's great to see your update! Keep your spirits up and you'll lift up those around you. Take care.

Jennifer Kammerer

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