Holidays in Kenya!

Hi all our loved ones in the states! We are still very on and off with the internet. We just today changed to a new service, prayfully it will help our concistancy. We have now had 3 birthdays and Thanksgiving in Kenya. Marvin's, Myself andd Troy's we had people from 9:30am to 10:30pm ,it was a great day' On Thanksgiving we were invited to the Church of Christ,Discipleship Colege, to have lunch with all the foreign missionaries.

That means that everyone was white excet the 2 wemon whom we have met who are married to Americans. It was very odd for us at first because we had not seen a group of whites the whole time we have been here. There were about 50 of us counting children, the children we have never seen in town. There were some from America, Germany, Switzerland and France. The Europieans do not celebrate Thanksgiving obviously but they like to socilize with other white foke. It was a very nice day and the food was great! They invited us to a missions prayer time each Sunday night that is held at different peoples homes each week. We will probubly go every once in awhile.

To update everyone on what is happening for the building project. Horace had the property inspected for septic and well. Horace asked them what hey were looking for specificly, they did not quite know but when they found it they would tell him. They found nothing that would keep us from building so that was good. We had a meeting with a man who has ran a Children's home & school here for almost 40 years. He was a great help and again told us that what has happen with the title is unfortunate but to know that if God has sent us here than He will make good of all things. Thank you Jesus!

Mr. Green did set us about persuing a route of registration that we had speculated on before, getting a society status. We have contacted another lawyer and are looking into this, please pray God's will be done and CWH can get its registration as a leagal entity here soon. That is what we need to build and continue on. God is using our time well though we are getting to know alot of people that are interested in seeing success come to this project.

While we were talking with Mr. Green I asked him how many he thought were ophaned in our area. He said the lst offical count which was a few years agon was " 80,0000 " just in our district alone. It blew me away. They I asked him how many were being taken care of in proper facilities, because there are so many new homes being built. He said there are only about 600 of these known ophans being cared for. It is time to get to work folks, I am so axious!

We are also buisy writing up The "Tumaini Children's Center" ( remember this is what we will be registered as here in Kenya") a Constituition, Policy Guide and Brochers.All of this must be in print and accompany our request for a Childre's home registration. A lot of work to be done. The whole process of getting registered and getting children is so illogical to us but this is the way they preferr to do thngs here. You really have to have children you are taking care of before they will process you, so how this is going to happen only God knows. We are going to a forum meeting that Mr. Green holds every month to educate all people woking with chidren and wanting to start homes. Hopefully we can be educated, we need it!

Well loved ones, I hope you are feeling connected to what is going on here because we need you prayers, again we know that is what is keeping us moving ahead. It is what is keeping us going personally also. We miss all of you very much and grab at anything famillar at times. I had a neighbor bring me 1/2 of a pumkin. What do you think I did with it? Exactly, I made pumkin pie! Jess sent me a reciept that told me how to do it from the pumkin, it was great, the only thing that would have made it better would be to have all of you here, with us.

We love all of you and know that we could not be here without your commitment to what God is doing here. At the Thanksgiving lunch we were told that there is an old Prophesy that says that the revival for Africa will start in Kenya. This goes along with what we as a family have been getting in prayer, Kenya is the man of peace that Jesus talks about in Luke. God has a plan and it is so bigg!!!!! The fullness of Heavens Blessings to all of you. The Leister's in Kenya


Alan Coons said…
Horace, Phyllis, and family,
Happy you are making progress and looking forward to getting the property. Teresa and I are heading back to Puerto Vallarta in December. We are driving down this time but flying home. We have great memories of our first trip there with you. Praying for your success the building of new friendships. Al Coons
Anonymous said…
Happy Holidays to you all in Kenya! I love catching up on your blog - it's very refreshing and so very humbling to read about all you do for great things in return. God has surely blessed you all over there and I pray that you all keep on doing the wonderful and life changing things you're doing. There are so many who need your help- they just aren't aware of that yet. Keep your chins up. I love your pictures. THe one with Marvin and the little boy is perfectly sweet. I think we all get caught up in life and we forget how simple things make a big difference. I bet your pumpkin pie tasted so good! We now have snow here, so it's beginning to look like Christmas. People have hung lights and the neighborhoods are gently covered with snow. I love the landscape all quiet and pristine. Wouldn't it look crazy with snow in Kenya? What a picture that would be! Well, take care and know we're all praying for you and keeping you in our hearts. Congrats to Josh and Rachel! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed holiday season!
Jenny, Kevin and Zoe Kammerer
steve grinolds said…
blessings & greetings in Jesus name & love,I miss you all so much and I am also glad you are following your hearts and God's. thanks for photos and updates.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in Kenya.You are all loved and lifted up in prayer often.I am planning on returning to Cambodia again next year and would love to visit you also as Africa is in my heart too.thank you for your positive effect upon my life & ministry.Love in Christ your brother, Steve.

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