Went to Training and Church!

Here are some update pictures show our adventures for the week! We attended a workshope training that I told everyone about in the last blog. It was very good and we recieved a certificate to beable to treach this to others. We did not realize this was how it was set up but were very grateful for it. This will enable us to to upgrade our trainings that we will be doing with our staff at Tumaini Children's Center.

We got invited to attend a Children's Church down in one of the slum areas. It was so fantastic. We drove down into the slum, which is hard to discribe, we did not take our camera or video. We did not want to make it seem like we were there just for a photo shoot. The pictures that we took were from Horace's camera phone. There were over 100 children there their average is 200, the building you will see is about 25X30, just metel and dirt floor.

The service lasted about 2hrs., the children's ages averaged from 3months to 19. The older kids came with the Pastors and did the help. You will see from one of the pictures that they called on Marvin also to help lay hands on and pray. It was great all of us enjoyed it so much. We worshiped (with out any music), memorized scripture and then the Pastor spoke ( for about 50 min.)he used only a poster and a black board.

While the Pastor spoke the children's sat and listened. They go restless a few times but they were reminded that they were there to listen, so they did. They were not intertained or feed they were there for prayer and the word. It was amazing!!!

I told the Pastor after wards that I finally felt like I had been to church, the Spirit of God was so present! We will be going back definatlly! We hope to help out in many different ways, there are not alot of resources available for them.

Thank you everyone for sending boxes we will share with many! We love you all and know that with out your prayer and support we could not be here doing what God is doing in Kenya! Love the Leisters here in kenya


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