Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From Kenya

Hello everyone, loving us through this season! We so appreciate it! This was a very different Christmas, no doubt! We struggled with diverse situations, thoughts and traditional exspectations. I thought I would begin this with being transpartent and open! Ok, now, Was it good? Yes it was a good time we all grew and were tought what Christmas is all about. We heard a sermon given at the Children's Church we have been attending. It was on God's Goverment coming to earth in the life of His son
manafested in a human baby. The Pastor asked them " where is heaven?" all together they yell "in our hearts" basicly they were tought they have all they need in Jesus and they can depend on Him for all they ask of Him. The sermon so touched me and how it was recieved, tought me so much.

The Pastor gave a 25 min message and then we helped hand out juice and cookies, twenty cups at atime because thats all they had. There were 120 children there, they sat and waited their turn to get a cup of juice and a few cookies. Some were so hungry you could tell by the way they shook when they recieved their turn at cup and food. The thing that amazed us all was that there was no ravines eating trying to get more than the next. They were all concerned about those around them getting also. One little girl in rags, recieved her cookies just to turn and hand one to Troy because Troy's turn had not come yet. Troy told me about it later and I know by the look on her face she will never forget it.
After the juice and cookies, which the Pastor ask us to join in with because he concidered it Holy communion to eat with the children. He began to pass out the gift he had brought for them, a single baloon! They again tried so hard to contain themselves and wait their turn, but as soon as they got this gift beyound gift they would blow them up and release the air, making that high pitched sound we all love so much. They had so much fun with this small toy! We took video, I know that that you will be as humbled as we were. The presence of God, like before, was so part of what was happening we just did not want to leave the place.

We went home and cooked our own Christmas dinner, Baked Chiken ( turkey is way to exspensive) and all the stuff that goes with it. While the bird was on off in the oven cooling, we decided to walk down the road and visit our neighbors who have been so loving to us. We were goint to just pop in and say Merry Christmas, 2hrs later we got home and wraped up our dinner we prepared before and saved it for the day after Christmas. ( which is boxing day ) Our fiends refused to let us leave with out eating with them. We had mutton stew and rice,chicken and vegies African style, also chapati ( fry bread ) it was great and we were all full. They are in the next picture, taken at our house, decorated for christmas with all the goodies everyone sent us. Thank you all so much!
I know that I continue to say this, but it is really the truth, " we would not be here with out the hearts you all have for serving God and supporting us in this! Asante Sana! That is " Thank you, very much" in swahilli! We want you to know how we pray for all of you each morning too! God's great blessings overcome you all in every situation you find yourselves in this season and every season! Loving you from Kenya the Leister Family


Kristi O said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. What great lessons to experience. Life changing indeed.
Peters said…
WE love and pray for you all. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us to love those around us on a whole new level. Lord, bless this beloved family make a way for them and touch every move and decision with you Holy Spirit.
In christ Jesus, Amen!
Love the Peters (derek, Kim, jos & Bailey)

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