It's the girls again!

Guess Who? It's Dannon, that's right!

One of our helper's Peter found a nest on the ground.
With two egg's in it, cool rite!
As you can see Troy opened it up.
sad right.
OK enough about the egg's.

As you can see Dema and I are very happy about the house.
The men are doing a great job don't you think?
I am sure my mom showed you the picture's of the Bathrooms. Troy & mine is the beautiful green one!

Here is a pic of me and Troyanna.
Troy is holding Boaz and I'am holding Judah.
I never put Judah down, he is the cutest thing!
He has big beautiful eyes!

That's all for now folks!

Habari,OK Iam sorry for tricking you about the spider but I just couldn't help myself.

So we went to the hospital the other day, this is Boaz and I.
Boaz is so little that his feet are not even three inches long and his fingers are so tiny they can,t even grab my thumb.

And this is Debby dancing on the changing table. Isn't she adorable?
Most of the nurses are very nice. The nurse that was siting there was singing for Debby.

This is my good friend Malachi and he is holding Pheby, an adorable little girl.
Pheby reminds me of Brenda. I'm trying to learn Swahili because all the babies speak it,
so I'm learning fast.

And this is Dema's "paw print" that's what Dema calls it. She had chocolate ICE CREAM
all over her hand and decided to put her mark on the wall.
Dad wasn't very happy about that but I think its cute. Don't you?
I tryed to wash it off but its everlasting.

Bey for now


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