Hi from Troy & Dannon

Habari ( zenu ) everyone. ( Samahari kwa kuwa imanichukuwa muda mrju bila kukuandikia) Sorry it has taken so long for me to write! Do'nt you love the Swahili, we are taking classes twice a week! I love it!

This is a picture I took of our new playroom! We all have so much fun in it and now we can walk from one house to the other just like one big house!

We were invited by the Gafner family to go to what is called a Show here but we would just call it a Fair. This is my friend, Kirsten, and I having food!

Sarah and I are doing an experiment, we are making a volcano eruption! It did not go real well and got all over her lab shirt that I lent her! It was lots of fun though!

This is Elizabeth, Lizzi ( but Dad does not like us to call her that ) she is a Dannon's girl. She is a sweety pie! Don't you think she is just ( ueembo ) beautiful? She is going to be an opera singer. Sometimes you can hear her singing and it sounds just adorable.

This is Elizabeth's twin sister Esther, she is my ( bata Juiya ) ducky junior. Isn't she just exquisite! She also loves science, like me. I once read her a book with snakes and she loved it! Essie is going to be a dancer too, just like Bailee Movius!

Here is my Olive just learning to sit up! Now this girls got attitude! The other day Olive was siting on the floor and Naomi said to her " Hi Olive, I love you " and Olive spit her tong out at her! Speaking of our friend Nomi, please pray for her, in case you do not know what Cerebral Malaria is, it is malaria that gos to your brain and there is no cure, she has it and we are very worried for her!

Bye for now, from Troy Mungu Aku Bariki! This means, God Bless you!!!

Hi everybody!! Sorry it's been so long. We have been very busy!

Here is our new slide. The kids and I Love it! The room now looks very different the floor is painted gray with a green path for riding toys on. We are going to have such fun memories in this room.

Here are some of our workers Agnes and Jenifer. This is where they fold all of the clean cloths and there are a lot of them too! I have learnt from living here that folding cloths is fun, really!

Yes, this is us doing our Guitar lesson! It is harder than it looks! We are learning to play " Lord I lift your name on High" and " This little light of mine " it is alot of fun but a lot of work!

Here is my baby Brenda, She is so cute some days she can be so sweet and others not so! But I love her!

Troy and I went to a fair with some friends, they call it a show here. There are rides, cotton candy, games and food, it is very dusty and I mean dusty! Oh, and there where animals. This was my favorite animal, the babies were so cute.

Well it has been nice to talk with you again! Love Dannon


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