Saturday afternoon walk!

Hi everyone, we just had a great Saturday Afternoon walk and I thought we could share it with all of you! We have about half of the children who do not take naps anymore and have lots of energy! We do not walk outside our compound very often but this seemed like a good idea today! It was a great adventure! They still did not take naps but maybe they will sleep great tonight!

Everyone is enjoying our outing so far! We have not done this often because everyone has been to small! We will hope to do this each Saturday!

We met some new friends along the way! They loved their picture taken!

I think everyone is getting tired better turn back and go home! A 15min walk is quite a ways for so many short little legs.

Opps, Dad hears a car coming, lets get out of the street!

Titus just could not keep up, short legs! He also wanted to see everything from close up so had to stop and look!

Heading back we are against the wind! This time of year we constantly have wind! Unfortunately we are suppose to be having rain and the wind keeps pushing the clouds right by us!

Headed back around the corner and down the street back home!

Saying " Habari Oko " to some neighbors!

A quick stop to play on the sewer cover outside the gate.

Time to go back inside the gate!

Love Ya! have a great day! Horace, Phyllis, Troy, Dannon and everybody!


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