Another day at Tumaini!

Tumaini Home, rainy season, green!

Outside our Gate, the neighborhood, this road goes out to the Highway!

 Chi Break!  Reuben, Dama, Joyce & Debbie

Our Youngest 4, Thomas, Zuriel, Esther & Elizabeth (twins)




Who is at the gate?  Oh, it is visitors from Sally Test Room, MRH!

Sarah Ellen comes every Wednesday and brings people who are visiting the Hospital from all over the world, it is really great for all of us to meet so many people!

This time she brought young people from the US!  That is always great for Troy & Dannon!

Brenda & Abagail!

Matthew & Joel!

Good bye Visitors!  Time to get back to school!

Thank you to everyone who supports our Family here at Tumaini!


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