Tumaini is about Family! Our Tenwik Picnic!

Here we go!

                                                  We are going to the Falls for a Kenyan Picnic!

Bill & Jessie

Dannon, Troy, Elsiza, Gabe & Grampa Bill

What's in here!

Great Food!

Beautiful Kenyan countryside!

Hydro Project Falls!

Samuel Hekima Leister's 1st Picnic!

This is how it works!

Time to go back!

On our way home to Eldoret!  This trip was Sarah, Gabe and Dama's turn next time Enoch, Reuben & Brenda will get to go on a trip!  Our car is to small for everyone so we take turns!

Thank you Jesus we had a fun, safe and wonderful trip!  Thank you all who support us here in Kenya!  hopechapellewiston.org


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