We are advancing in His kingdom " onward and upward" as the vocalist Carmen would say!  Everything here at Tumaini is moving forward, Paise God!  We have had the opportunity to share our vision with several others in the last few weeks on Family and the importance of continuing Generations!
  It is hard to explain exactly what God has put in our hearts to see expanded in kenya!  There is so much that we could do here, so many areas that we could help in or help with, along with the children we are raising at Tumaini!

 But what is God calling us to do?  Psalm 32:8 says " I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go: I will guide you with My eye.

How is God seeing the place where we are right now at this time in His Kindom History! He holds in His eyes the beginning to the end! We know that He is using us to make a difference in His kingdom! We realize God is encouraging us to create history, with Him ( Jer. 29 ) , children are always the substance of history being made ( Jer. 1:5 )!
 We also realize, it is actions that make history happen! We do not want our actions to be reactions but responces to what God is showing us through His eyes! He promises that He will not just show us as in a prophetic slide show, where to go or what to do but He will instuct us, teach us, train us up! We will not just know where we are expected but what is expected of us when we get there! We hope that you will continue to join us and take part in this Kingdom History making adventure at Tumaini Children's Home and beyound! Thank you Jesus!

This is our 1st born Kenyan  "History Maker"  here at Tumaini, Dama ( Dema is now spelt Dama because of how her birth certificate reads " Damerice " as her full name )

History Maker Jewel

A bunch of Pj History Makers

History Maker Sarah

History Maker Troy

History Maker Boaz

History maker Brighton

Here are a Pair of History Makers, Esther & Elizabeth

Our youngest and cleanest History Maker, Thomas

Debby, definately a History Maker

More History Makers next time!

Thank you everyone for being part of this Family & Home and God's History in the Making!  Love Horace & Phyllis Leister, Tumaini Chidlren's Home, Eldoret, Kenya E. AFrica. Please continue to send all support to


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