We are here!

Hi Everyone;
This has taken me awhile but here we are. This week has been a exciting one! The plane ride was really great! The girls and Marvin did fantastic! We were met at the airport by everyone but our luggage. We did retrieve it on Tuesday afternoon, here in Eldoret. It deffinately looked like it had a hard time getting here. Most everything was still in it. Someone had put plastic security srips on it, they had to be cut off with a knife, Marvin slipped and got his leg. Our 1st trip to the medicle services of kenya! The doctor is a christian, Josh was glad to meet him, he may beable to help at some time. After Marvin got his stiches he passed out because of the meds and hit his head on the floor, God is good all the time. Marvin is good now his face bearly shows the marks, he is walking like a real person and his mother even survived this day. That was tuesday, wednsday Josh went for a jog and broke some bones in his foot, again God is good all the time because what could have been bad turned out good, he is walking very well . Horace still has a bit of congestion and cough but afew days on anti-biotic and great prayer coverage that we are feeling with do the trick. Thursday our housekeeper came in and we asked her about the baby we had heard crying through the night. She said the baby belonged to the neighbors housekeeper and had Malaria ( this was her 2nd time, she is only 1) so we asked if the mother would let us pray for her, she brought her right over. We prayed, she was very sick and frightened of all us mazoongu's ( white person in swahilli ) but we got the job done. They took her to the hospital that night and today and the doctor said she is alot improved, Praise God. We are all doing very well and depending on God for everything please continue to pray, constantly and we will be praying for all of you. I will try to update more ofter now that we have internet access here at home. We love you all so much, Rache and the girls do so well out in the community it is great. Saturday our housekeeper (Mary) will take them to meet some of the neighborhood children, they are very excited. Mary our houskeeper is fantastic, she is a christian and so joyful, I ( Phyllis ) am abit of a chalenge to her because I need something to do and she is use to doing everything. We will sort it out! I hope there will be a picture to show soon. Love all of us here in Eldoret, Kenya!


Jess said…
I am glad you got this updated. Where you able to send me a picture? Have you received my emails? I love you all. Love you.
ran shae said…
oh, this post makes me so excited for you all and at the same time miss you soooooo much! we definitely felt your absence this week without a day at the farmhouse : ) i have so many things to tell you but i will save it for email. we got a webcam yesterday and need to set up a skype date soon! tell the girls i talked to angela today and Sampson is doing great - he has a new "lion haircut" and she said he looks really cute : ) we are praying for you all and love you and miss you!!! ps - can we send you pictures to your gmail or will it freeze things up?
steve grinolds said…
i hope this note will get to you horace & phylis.it brings tears of joy to my eyes to see you guys in kenya we miss you and pray for you often I can't wait to come see you there.God has great things in store for you.I just wanted to say hi and that I really love and miss you!!! your brother steve!!
Jason + Tiff said…
Rachel & Josh!!
Laurie let me in on the info that you're married and baby-expecting!!! Congratulations!! Love,Tiff (we have a blog, too: jasonandtiff.blogspot.com)

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