Josh & Rachel's Wedding

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today..... Yes, God has again put two lives together to make one! Joshua & Rachel are man and wife! Hurray!!!!! Kenya has a new beginning and so do Josh & Rachel here in Kenya. We are so full of joy for them! The day was awesome, it started right on Kenyan time about 50 minuets late. The sound man and the chairs lost their way and had to be found before everyone could be seated.

The cake lost it's way too, but made it just in time! It was a great day, everyone laughed and hugged and no one said a cross word or cried ( except with joy & laughter ). The day was bright and beautiful just what we had prayed for ( everyday for several it had rained in the afternoon ). We missed all of you but I know that you are celebrating just as we are, that God has done a wonderful thing in bringing these two together, in this setting for His miracles purposes!!!

Thank you Jesus, that you fulfill the desires of our hearts because you planted them there to begin with! Amen We hope you enjoy the pictures! Horace, Bill & Jake took Josh & Rachel to the Ugandan boarder today ( Feb. 18th ) to honeymoon there for a week. Please pray for safety for them all week and a safe return. Also, pray for a lot of safe travel for all of us, the Schmidts will be leaving on the 19th, Jake on the 20th and Horace, myself & children on the 28th. We will all see most of you soon and have a lot more to share!

Oh, ya, I almost forgot, Josh & Rachel asked everyone here for Kenyan type presents, they were given several one being a cow " for the milk, you know, you must have milk for the babies!" they were told! God Bless all of you our dear family & friends we are so grateful for your love and support!! We will continue with the blog while we are a short while in the states, so that everyone knows what we are up to and when we return to Kenya! In Jesus loving name! The Leisters in Beautiful, Peaceful Kenya


Ben said…
Looks like a very nice wedding...congrats!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so very much for letting us see the wedding pictures so quickly! Elsa enjoyed seeing 'Chel in her beautiful dress. Congratulations! Cannot wait so see the bounty that marriage provides you and your family! ;>)
Mike and Deb
Congradulations to the new couple. We are so happy to see the day was filled with joy. We will be praying for safe travel for all and look forward to visiting with each person as they return to the US,
Take care.
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for them. I remember the first time I met your family was when Mark and I first left Teen Mania in 1994 and we went with my parents to a cell group meeting at your house. We weren't married yet and I remember having a conversation with Josh and Jake about American dating vs. God's way. Now we're all happily married and following God stronger today than ever. I love your family and am so happy for Josh. I've never met his wife, but I'm sure she's spectacular. Please pass on my congratulations to them.
Clare said…
Wow! God is so good! The wedding is a beautiful picture of how good His plans are and how He delights in blessing His kids. Congratulations!

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