A Word from the Girls

Habari, remember that means (how are ya).

So the other day Dad was boiling water and a cockroach
ran out of the bottom of the kettle. Dad "doomed" the bottom of the kettle
and hit it on the counter about ten cockroaches fell out. So many fell out that
we couldn't count them, OK maybe not that many but still a lot fell out. It was awsome!

Speaking about bugs when it rains here lots of kumbe kumbe, that means
(termite) come out and not just any termite but flying termites and
Kenyans eat them for a snack! They say they taste just like meat from a cow.

ByE for now, Troy

Hi it's me Dannon.
Happy Easter I had a very fun Easter.
My mom made chicken, stuffing, Banana cream pie for Easter dinner. I love my Mom!
I hope you had a good Easter too.

This was a day we took all the baby's to the new house,
as you can see I am looking out the window.
The baby's love it when we take them in the new house.

I just had my first sleepover in Kenya.
We went for french fries and ice cream floats.
There were seven of us me, Troy, Kirsten, Ruth, Millise, Elieni and Keith.
We stayed at Kirsten and Ruth's house.
Oh, Ruth and I chased some sheep that was realy fun.

Well thats all Folks! Dannon


Jessica said…
Why are there no pictures of the cockroaches? And I am sorry to say, but cockroaches might keep me home. - Jess

The girls all say "Ewwww" to the termites.

We love you girls and love to hear about your life.

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