A Word with the Girls!


This is Troy.

We are now trying a cook at our house, his name is George. George is very quiet
the only words he says are "yes" and "OK" but I know we will be good friends
just like Bea and I. Bea is our main helper in our house.

OK, so I woke up this morning and look what was in my net? That's right, a big old spider, it was dark brown with black eyes and big old teeth or whatever those things
are called, Mom said to stay still so it wouldn't move.

I'm not going to tell you I was scared, OK,FINE, I was scared!!!!!

If you want to see how scared I was click on the picture.
By for now

P.S. The spider wasn't real
Ha Ha! got ya

Hello it's me, Dannon.

Happy Mother's day to all Mother's.
My mom got breakfast in her bedroom.
Troy and I made breakfast for her and all the baby's made her a card.

We have a visitor, his name is Malachi.
All the kids love him, he is very funny.
He is staying with us for two months.
All the kids wake him up by yelling "Malachi Malachi"!.
We all think he is fun to have here.

We finally, almost got one bathroom finished, we are all so happy.
It's the girl's bathroom, it's pink.
And the boy's bathroom is blue.
Troy and I have a green bathroom but they have not started it, yet.
But the boy's bathroom they have started, yea!

We have started school, again!
And we did a project, we made a Diary, it was called "Kitty's Kentucky Diary".
It is about a little girl who lived, well in Kentucky, we really got to read a Diary from history, isn't that cool .

Well, look at the time! That's all for now Folks! Dannon


Jessica said…
Troy - Sam and Makayla say, "You are a stinker." We thought the spider was real. I would be careful or you just might wake up with a real spider like that in with you.

Good joke though.

We love you both.
ran shae said…
we totally fell for it troy! i was freaking out just about as much as you in the picture : ) i just found out that there are tarantulas here in KS! maybe when you come visit you can catch one : ) love you girls!
Anonymous said…
The spider was awesome, it made Angela glad that she did not wake up to that, she was disturbed enough by the giant catepillar in the laundry! We love you guys and are very proud of what you are doing! Have you girls been playing the guitar? Well take care, and realize that misquito nets are also spider nets. =)
Love, Dustin and Angela

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