More Profiles of our Tumaini Children, needing sponsorhip!


Naomi is 2 years!  She is a very bright and Happy, little girl who likes to laugh and play with all her brother's and sisters.  Naomi became part of our family at Tumain in June 2010, she was estimated to be around 6 months.  She was so small and malnourished that it was hard to detect her real age.  As she has grown and developed we are sure she was several months older than estimated but she will just be ahead of the game because of it!  Naomi speaks very well in both English and Swahili.  Because of her age she does not attend pre-school as yet but she is so excited to start in the in the new year!  Naomi loves to see the funny side of things and laughs a lot!  Praising God for our Naomi!


Boaze is 2 years!  He has been part of our family at Tumaini since 2010 and he was almost 3 months!  He was a sad little baby with eyes that would not stay still, crossing and uncrossing!  Holding him close with prayer and some special small infant formula, made all the difference and soon his eyes began to focus.  Boaz has so many knots on his head, we no longer count them!  He started to walk when he was about 10 months and has not stopped running since!  He always has his head down like a bull and at a full run, he also likes to climb and one day we found him at the top of a wall Dad Horace was putting up for the play set!  He is a courageous bundle of joy everyone is continuously trying to catch up with!  Thank God for our Boaz!


Abagael is 3 years and has been part of our family since 2010.  Abagael was abused and abandoned by her stepmother.  When her father wanted to take her back, the stepmother said no and she would not take care of her!  She is still pretty quiet and for along time did not know who she was or what was expected of her, she jumped at every loud noise and quick movement but now this is her home and she will tell you so!  She will tell you that someday she is going to be a mother, she loves and cares for her dolls diligently! Her smiles are big now and they come often.  Abby also loves her sister's passionately and will always try to be the peace maker when ever she can.  Abby is a delight!  We thank God for her!


Gabriel is 4 years!  Like his name sake, Gabriel is our family herald!  He must tell about everything going on in and out of the house!  He knows where everyone is and what everyone is doing and has done!  Gabe has been part of our Tumaini family since he was 5 weeks old!  He is our 1st born son here, the big brother and he takes this position very seriously.  Gabe is another of our incredible miracles!  Gabe was severely burned as an infant!  He still has scars on his face and down the nose but none of the other physical problems that were predicted!  When we 1st receive Gabe, the hospital told us that he was so badly traumatized they were sure he had lost his mind!  His eyes were rolled back so that all you could see was the white, we thought he was blind, he was in so much pain, he never stopped moving, be was beyond crying!  A friend visiting a the time held him most of the night praying for him, by morning when he opened his eyes, we could see them big and beautiful and brown!  It was not long before this smile you see now appeared!  We Praise God for our Big Brother Gabriel! 

Thank you everyone for concidering sponsorship of our children at Tumaini! A complete Sponsorship is $150 per month, per child, this can be accomplished with one sponsor or several.  The sponsorships cover all the childs personal needs ( food, cloths,shoes, medical & dental, education,cargivers ..) it does not cover all expenses for the home.
   Please share this blog and sponsoring with those you think might be interested!  Notify us by e-mail ( ) or by leaving a comment on this site and we will send you a form to enroll you as a sponsor!  Also we hope you will visit our new website or our Tumaini Children's Home fb page to keep up with all that is happening here!  Our love and Blessings to all!  Horace & Phyllis Leister


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