Sponsoring a gift of Love!

Here we are " Tumaini Children's Home" July 2012!  Praise God

No one ever smiles when you want them to!  I am laughing here, because of the comment about this from the photographer!  Everyone behind the camera was jumping and laughing trying to get all the children to smile, they just stared straight ahead, except Phoebe, she wanted to know what I was laughing about! 

On this Blog and for several more I would like to encourage all our friends and family to help get  sponsorships for our children here at Tumaini!  These sponserships are such a blessing to our children but also for those who sponsor!  We have heard from those who sponsor children through their lives, how enriched they feel to have been part of seeing children thrive on the love that is shared through such sponsorships! We hope you will become a sponsor and help others recieve the same blessing!

This is Brighton!
Brighton will be 4 years in Sept. He has been part of our Tumaini Family since July 2010. When Brighton 1st came, he had the mobility of a 2 month old.  Brighton has symptoms of Cerebral Palsy.  He had meningitis when he was about 1 year and his treatment was not followed and it left him as we 1st saw him, laying on the floor of the Sally Test Room not able to to anything but roll over.
 He could not move any of his limbs or turn his head from side to side.  He was able to hold his head up for small amounts of time and then it would fall forward, sitting was impossible. He had no speech, what so ever. He now will form small words, especially " No "!
  This is Brighton today, Praise God! Bright has therapy each week and everyone here at Tumaini takes a part of this as we work and encourage him to push on for the next step! Some of his best therapy comes form his brother's and sister as they cheer him on and just be children with him and around him!
  Brighton would tell you, it has been hard work but it is well worth it!  Some of the things he is able to do today, like walk, should still be impossible but not with the healing power of God's love! 

This is Zuriel!

Zuriel is 1 year!  "Zuri" as she is called here has been part of our Tumaini Family since she was 2 months old.
  Zuri was abandoned at birth!  She was left, placenta and all in a plastic grocery bag!  She was found by children walking through a field.  When they discovered what was in the bag, they took the bag home to their parents.
  The parents thought the baby was dead, but when they opened it and looked inside, Zuri opened her eyes and looked at them!  She had survived in the bag a estimated 5 to 7 days.
  She is a amazing miracle! 
 The people who found her, took her to the police and then to the hospital.  There they had to revive her and wrote on her admittance sheet, she would most likely suffer from brain trauma because of the lack of oxygen.
  Zuri is a thriving, lively little girl who walked at 10months and talks understandably at 12 months! She has had no such evidence of any circumstances of her abandonment!  We Praise God for the amazing love He pours out on our children here at Tumaini! 

This is Joyce!

Joyce just turned 5 years!  Joyce has been part of our Tumaini family since 2008, she was 16 months old when she came and she weighted about 10lbs!
  She was abandoned at the hospital, she had failed to thrive because of her cleft lip and pallet! 
 While she was at the hospital a visiting American Dr. took an interest in her and discovered she also had a hole in her heart! 
 In May 2009 Joyce took a trip to the US, accompanied by our good friend Sarah Ellen.  She was given surgery for her heart!  Her recovery was remarkable, after which she received the surgery to repair the cleft lip and pallet!  Joyce returned to Tumaini, a new little girl, so full of life and this bright, wonderful smile, in the fall of 2009!  She thrives today because of caring people, with hearts full of the love of her Father God! We are so grateful!

This is Enoch!

Enoch is 3 years!  He has been part of our Tumaini Family since 2009!  Mum Phyllis was visiting the hospital one day, making an introduction for a missionary friend!
  There were several babies that day but God literally turned my head and had me look Enoch's way!
  A volunteer was holding him, it looked as if she were just holding a small blanket with nothing in it!
  I had to go look, in the blanket was a tiny baby with skin that looked like dry paper, he was so dehydrated!
  The nurse was spoon feeding him water!  She told me then, that he would not survive, in fact they considered him dead already and were not waisting formula on him because he kept throwing everything he ate up!
  God's Spirit rose up in me and I declared, " not on my watch!"  The friend, I had brought that day, was a pediactric nurse who speacialized in the care of premature infants!
  She spent nights at the hospial from then on,instructing the nurses how to feed Enoch, so that he survived until he was transfered to Tumaini!
  He is now a tall, thriving preschooler!  God gave me His eyes that morning to see what no one else could see, Enoch alive, with a future!


Thank you so much for helping us get Sponserships for our children here at Tumaini!
Full Sponsorships are $150
This amount covers a 24-7 family home, food, clothing, shoes, beding, caregivers, medical & dental, education and some small personals.
Sponsorships can be for the $150 or they can be split. ( a child can have one sponsor or several ).
The sponsorships do not cover all that it takes to run the Home.

Please let us know of intentions to sponsor by e-mailing us at hpleister@gmail.com or leave comments here, we will then make sure you get an enrollment form.  Soon you will be able to down load one from our site!
Remember that all dontions go through our Home Church: hopechapellewiston.com

Again, thank you, we love you all!  Horace & Phyllis Leister


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