Update on Horace in Kenya

Hi Everyone,
We love you all! We are so thankful for all your prayers, it just would not be the same with out them, we can all be sure of that. As I said before Horace is safely in Kenya. He spent about 6 days in Nairobi and then flew to Eldoret. He has not been successful yet, in finding a auto! We do need prayer for that one. It has been raining there for about 13 weeks and walking, which alot of the people do, is very burdensom. We have to far and to many places to travel to do much of that. He was able to see our rental and he says it will do very nicely for us and those wanting to come and help. It is quite large and everything we prayed for in the safety area. God is so good and He takes care of our every need, may He get all the Glory for what is accomplishe. We may even get to have high speed internet on different occations, Marvin is very excited about that. Horace is doing very well. He had a bit of jetlag and not feeling good while he was in Nairobi but says he is great now. He is staying with the Tuckers where we stayed last year. I am so happy they are so kind and will take good care of him and help as much as they can. He will stay there until he can get the electricity turned on and some appliances ( fridg, stove ). The house is empty, so it could take us some time to fill it, quite expensive. He is going to start with beds for everyone so we can have a place to sleep when we get there. Pray for this also! Please pray for us here that we will be healed of the flew and colds we are fighting with, I know that it is a fight with the enemy so your prayers combined with ours will make the breakthrough. Again we love you all and we are so excited about the privilege God is giving us to go and that all of you are going with us! We will all take His Glory and see it transform Kenya and the World. Amen! In Jesus' Name Loving all of you Phyllis


Anonymous said…
Hello Leister's

I am so thankful for all your news about Horace arriving safely. I can't imagine how stressful and uncertain it must be to travel alone like that. I admire you both for the gift you have given all of us with your mode of communication and your service to the Lord. You are truly amazing and wonderful people. May God bless you all on your journey to serve others and the Lord.
Phyllis - it was awesome to see you again before you left. I have missed your laugh for a long time! I pray for your family. Take care and enjoy your time in Kenya! Hugs -

Jennifer (Irmer) Kammerer, Kevin and Zoe

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