A Quieter Day

As I spoke with Mom today, she said that they have had a quieter day. As I am sure that you know, Odinga, the opposition, tried to have a rally in Nairobi mainly. There was some talk of other cities having ones also, but I did not find any information on the news regarding those. Eldoret was possibly going to have one, but they did not. So the day went by quietly.

Please be praying for a convoy of Kikuyu people that were being transported from Eldoret to the Nairobi area, where the majority of Kikuyu live. They left Eldoret Wednesday night and Mom had not heard yet whether they had arrived safely. There were many people in that convoy Mom and Dad knew.

Be encouraged, because there are good things happening during this time also. Mom, Dad, the Gafners and others from their compound are getting together in the mornings for a time of prayer and worship. Mom and Dad are also able to supply food for those who do not have any. They were also able to see a friend who had been missing for a day and they feared might be dead. God is working miracles in this time of need.

Things to continue praying for are:

Food - Pray that God would just continue to multiply the provisions that they have, because it is still dangerous for them to be out on the streets.

Protection - There are still groups of people, mostly young men, going around killing people and burning buildings.

Open Doors - This is an awesome time for my family as God opens doors and allows them to minister the love of Jesus to those who need it the most.

Peace - For my family, Josh, the Schmidts and the nation of Africa.

Reconciliation - The two opposing parties need to come together to bring Kenya back to a place of stability. All areas of life are being affected at this time for the nation. Their commerce is being dealt a terrible blow right now. Commerce of bordering countries is also being affected. This has gone from being an internal Kenya issue to an Eastern Africa issue as supplies and products cannot travel out of Kenya or through Kenya from one nation to another.

That Jesus light would shine through out Kenya. During worship Sunday, I saw the nation of Kenya and rays of light shine up from it forming a cross above the nation. I know that Jesus has big plans for Kenya. Pray that those believers would step into the destiny God has ordained for them including my parents.

My family wants all of you to know how much they appreciate your prayers and emails. They are still at times able to receive emails, but are unable to send any out. They ask that you be cautious in what you say in emails, because they are monitored. But they love to receive them and the encouragement they contain.

Also I want you to know that Troyanna, Dannon and Marvin are doing well. The girls are still young enough that they know something is not right, but they do not understand the fullness of it. They have yet to experience anything that has frightened them too much.

Marvin definitely needs prayers though. He definitely understands all that is happening. He knows people that have been killed and that is weighing on him. I believe that God is using this time to mold him and Marvin will come a way with a greater perspective of life, because of this.

You are all a part of bringing more Jesus to Kenya as you lift my family up. Thank you.


steve grinolds said…
Blessings to you and to the nation of Kenya.what an awesome opportunity our Lord has trusted all of you with and I am confident the He has also equipt you for this time in history.I have prayed for your peace and the peace of Kenya as have many others and I have been asured in my spirit that all will be well with you and the Nation of Kenya.you are in my heart and prayers.Love to you in Jesus our Lord.Steve

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