Another Day in Unrest

This is Jessica again. I wish that my mom could right to you and give you a first hand account of what is going on, but she is not able to at this time.

At this time, they are still being advised by the US Embassy to remain in their homes and not to venture out onto the streets. I spoke with someone at the Embassy in Kenya this morning and they assure me they are monitoring the situation. They do not feel at this time that they need to remove Americans from the situation. They told me that Americans are not being targeted, so there is no reason to remove them.

My family continues to ask for your prayers. They know that is what is going to make the difference in this situation.

Things to pray specifically are:

1. Continued Protection - My family has another family living with them. It is an American man married to a Kenya lady. She is Kikuyu. They have two young daughters.

2. The American Embassy - That they would stay in touch with my family. They would also make wise decisions.

3. Peace for a nation being torn apart. Mom told me that every African they know has lost someone either they are missing or they have been murdered.

4. God's will - They know and we know that God knew they would be there during this time. They are not sure if they would have gone if they would have known beforehand that they would have been in this situation, but they are there and God knows. "For such a time as this" God is good. No situation is a surprise to Him and He puts his best where they belong. I know that my family is where God wants them. And if that is what I believe, then I stand in faith also believing He will take care of them.

5. The Innocent of Kenya - Protection for those caught in this terrible situation. That another incident like the one in the church would not happen.

6. Josh - Please pray peace for my brother who has not only left Father, Mother and siblings there, but his bride to be. He so wants to be there to defend her and protect her. Pray he would see that God had him here with purpose also.

7. The Schmdits and Leisters here in the states - Pray that we would continue to walk in faith knowing that God is in charge of all things. That He loves our loved ones more than we do and He wants to see peace and the love of Jesus come out of this situation.

Please pray with me Psalm 91 over my family. They are seeing people fall on their right and left and I believe as the Psalm says that nothing will touch them.

Thank for your continued prayers and support. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible.



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