Hello our beloved family & friends! How thankful we are for all of you! Eldoret has been visited by some people from the Embassy, they knew our name, because of all the e-mails and phone calls from people who were concerned for us, thank you so much. We also know that bigger than that you have all been sending those same cries for safety and peace up! The bowls full of your prayers have been pouring out for Kenya, we feel so small here but are made large by your support.
Where do I begin about the situation here, Horace has always prayed that we would be people who lived on the edge of what God is doing. Well, I feel like we have had a bit of a glimps of the edge. God is so good, each evening I go to bed with just enough courage to make it through the gunfire and loudness that has been our night hrs here, then each morning I wake up praying that God will give me the strength and courage to hear what has taken place during the evening. Not a surprise, He has answered those prayers every time! He is strong because I am weak!

About 5 days ago we packed our bags, it looked like we would be flying out that day, we did not! The next day we put some food & water in those bags because it looked like if we were going to fly out we would probably have a 24hr wait at the airport with no food or water with about 1000 other people. God shared His wisdom each time with Horace and Horace listened and spared us all, we never left the house. Praise God for fathers with cool heads because mom was ready to do anything to get her children out of this situation.

The people who you see in the picture with us are our dear friends who have been so loving here in our neighborhood. She is the one I tell about having the the awsome food provision from God. The other is a picture of Keith & Grace Gafner & their children with ours. We are so appreciative of these friendships and many more here. They trully loved us through this time just as you did, we were literally surrounded with God's love, as His word tells us we will be in times of trouble.

We are so appreciative to Jess for doing a day to day up date for everyone about things here, keeping connected is so important as we found out.

Many things happened and God so used us right here in our own neighborhood to reasure us that we were sappose to be here. We have had many opportunities to gather and pray with people. The children of the neighborhood have taken to gathering for a time of singing and prayer here, it is so wonderful. We have been sharing food and all resources with those around us and them with us as needed.

We had a friend who like all had very little food, her husband had been out looking for friends that were missing. She set him aside what was left from their dinner ( a piece of ugali and greens ) all that was left. When he returned, he had three other men with him that he had found, she was so upset. She went into the kitchen and said " oh God you know that I have just enough food to give my husband what will I do for these men?" She then looked in the fridge by habit and she could not believe her eyes, she said " there was some food, just enough to feed those other men, I had not seen it before, God must have put it there!" Praise God!

The situation has cooled down since then and we are getting out and getting some food on a regular basis. Some of the other shops are opening and we joined with the Keith Gafner family to go and councel & pray for people at a large Catholic Church compound, our 1st refugee camp experience, it will not be our last, there are several here.

Because of the news black out we have had here we are not very informed of the details, just what we hear from our neighbors and rumors. But after this time of praying with people we have heard some awful things and we have so much more to have you praying for. Of course we know that God knows all these things and He is working abundantly above and beyond all we could ask, but just like you did for the Embassy the more calls He gets the more He works!!!
There was alot of activity, we will use that word because I guess it seems more politiclly correct, out where the Children's home is to be built. Horace would like to go out there some time this week, Pray! We really do not know what can be started back up until this is all settled.
We have not heard from our people out there, we do know that again God protected us in this. We would have lost what ever was out there if we had already started to build.

There are some more decisions to be made here in Kenya, we have to have a goverment, so please pray for there to be a peaceful placement of this goverment, that God’s man would be placed. Pray for the thousands that must rebuild their lives and homes after this and live in peace with their neighbors. Pray that the door will open for us to build or something, so that some of those who have been added to the orphaned community may have a home and for others to beable to do the same. We all wondered why is God putting it on so manys hearts to go to Kenya and build Children’s Homes, we now know, do’nt we.
Thank you again for all of your prayers, we are living like we have never lived before, Praise God! We love you all so much and will try our best to keep you informed about us, we know that you only have to watch TV or read the news to keep informed about kenya, so please do, so you can continue to pray. Also, Please Pray for Josh, he is coming back into the country on the 11th , people have asked us " why is he coming? He should wait! We tell them " he has good reason to be here and he is not going to wait, Rachel and Kenya need him here so please Pray!
God’s Love overflowing! The Leisters in Kenya


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