Another Quiet Day

Hello everyone,
I am going to try to keep this one shorter. I realize that the last few I have relayed to you through mom have been rather long. I just get the opportunity to talk with her, so I want you to be able to get as much as possible from my conversations with her.

Dad, Keith and Japhet made it to the Gafner's property safely. They found everything protected and intact in their compound. If all remains quiet, they will return to their home Wednesday. Grace, Keith's wife, will have to remain in doors for some time, because she is Kikuyu, but I believe that they will just enjoy being in their own home again. Please pray for their continued safety, especially once they return home.

Mom, Dad, Keith, Grace and Rachel had a wonderful opportunity today also. They were able to go to a Catholic church where people were taking refuge. A medical center has also been set up in the church. They were able to pray with people and just let them talk with them.

Mom was paired off with a man from an international organization who is recording what has happened to the people during this incident. This man asked mom to record what she was hearing. She said the horror that some people have gone through is really indescribable. This facility is house around 5000 to 6000 at this time and many of them are children.

Marvin, Troy and Dannon did not go with them, but they will go, if all is well, for a short time tomorrow. Troyanna told Mom "How can I make a t-shirt that says "I have been to Africa and raised the dead!"? And how can I make Cathy Beck a t-shirt that says " I know Troyanna Leister who has gone to Africa and raised the dead!", if I do not go with you." We all should have the faith of a child.

Rachel will also be returning tomorrow to help clean and treat wounds. Please continue to pray for their safety. Pray that this door will remain open as long as God wills it and they will have much fruit from it.



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