Letter from Keith Gafner

3rd January
Dear Brethren,
Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord,

I thought that I would try to send an update on our situation. FIRST of all, know that we are SAFE and that the Lord has heard your prayers and is taking care of us and the Leister family. The kids are happy and playing outside as I write this letter.

Also, as an update as of this afternoon , the people who threatened to burn the Zakayo Kiprono home because they helped 5 Kikuyu families while their homes were being burned, did not do so. But he did move his family to a gov't compound. He told me that he was going home today to gather the church to pray.

Today, there were a good number of stores open in town, that people who have money could get food. I meet with two of our preachers who minister at the edge of town. They walked all night and took their families to a forested area, along with some Kikuyu families. This was two days ago. I listened to their stories, that I will not repeat here. I gave them the money that Ihad. The banks are not open as of yet, so getting money is a problem.Their children and they have not eaten in three days. They are fearing for their lives because of the Kikuyus with them.

Be proud of our Christians, they are helping at the risk of their own lives to save the lives of others. Christopher said on the way to town today, he stopped at his house and read his Bible. And he told me what word of encouragement that he got from that reading in Jeremiah. In the end, I really feel that Glory will be given to the Lord, because these men and their families are doing as our Lord would do, helping those who need help.People will know who the "real" Believers are now, those who practice what they preach!

I hear that the 1000 people at the airport who have waited to get out is down to about 200 now. The police have organized for trucks to take the Kikuyus out of Eldoret, if you have $16, you and your family can get a ride to a safe area. Many are not able to pay this amount, so many are camped still at the police station and Catholic Church.

In many ways, you watching CNN News probably know more than we do. There is a general black out of news in the media (radio, newspapers and TV). What is heard is mostly via people calling each other on the cell phones. We hear that Desmond Tutu is here and trying to help. As well as a group from the European Community. Let us keep praying for the results of all of their talks.

Kirsten and Ruth and I were talking today and they asked why we were not going to
Nairobi like everyone else. I explained to them that soon this problem will be over and someone needs to be here to help the people. Those without homes will need shelter, those with their clothes gone will need clothes and those without food will need food. And, we can't help them if we are in Nairobi! They both said they can give the money they have to help. They gave a lot of their clothes at Christmas time to a house with a lot of orphan girls, so they don't have many clothes to give away.

Please, we are on a limited budget, help us to help our Christians and others. Please, however small the amount it will help someone. Please involve your children, to help other children. Please send a check to our sponsoring church and note it is for relief for
Kenya. That address is:South Eleventh and Willis Church of Christ, 3333 S. 11th St., Abilene, TX79605


In Service to Christ,
Keith, Grace, Kirsten and Ruth Gafner
LATEST NEWS, just got a phone call from Charles Luvanda. He is the neighbor to Joseph Muhoro (who is Kikuyu). He said that the Kalenjin elders in the village met today and said that all Kikuyus and Kisiis people are to have their homes burnt in the area. Pray for them tonight, even the Luvanda family are fearing as their house is close to the Muhoro house.


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